Sunday, 29 May 2011

vintage wife

I had to show you these little books we picked up at the boot fair, the following page made me smile.

This is a tiny little book of Pitmans shorhand it took me a while to realise that it's for putting in the small pocket of a mans waistcoat. I should have known really as I have never had pockets in any of my vests :)
I don't know why I bought it probably because it's so tiny.
My other little find is this crumb tray and brush for the table

Hope your all enjoying the Bank Holiday, friends in Perth W.A. tell me it's the last day of Autumn over there,  wherever you are have a good week
Cate x

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Thought I would post a few flowers from my garden, I spent all day out there yesterday, it was so nice to  get involved and forget everything for a while.

I have finshed a few more brooches just need to take some pics.

Wild Violets

 Little Pansy faces

I love lilac even in a milk bottle it looks wonderfull

And a splash of yellow to finish, well nearly, the pic below is of  our very first figs I have kept them in the greenhouse in the hope that they will ripen if you know of a better way to get fruit let me know please.

Hubby has an appointment next week  so hopefully his op can be arranged and we can get on with life.

Have a lovely week
Cate x

Friday, 13 May 2011

Is anyone else having problems ?

My last post a few days ago seems to have dissapeared, it was a brief bit about my hubby coming home at last from hospital and how he will be going to Barts hospital for further surgery soon.

I also posted my new vintage brooches and asked about clasps and costing, now I know at least 8 people commented but before I could read them everything just went, is it just me ? blogger did leave a message saying it was down but I could find nothing further, I would love to hear from you all again if you don't mind :) unless of course we'er all floating in cyber space.
hope to hear from you soon

Cate x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Just popping in

To say hi, hubby came home after17 days in hospital, life has been on hold, he's not out of the woods yet as he needs to go to Barts in London for further surgery, but we are being positive and keeping cheerful.

I have made a start on my re-worked jewelry, I have made 3 brooches, at the moment they have no clasps but I'm sure I will find some on E bay unless of course you know better :)
 This isn't the best photo but you can get the idea I took them to a monthly market my daughter did last week and lots of people commentated. I have also offered to make one off items using peoples own bits of jewelry but I'm just useless at costing, can anyone help me out here ? I intend to put them on a card when finished.

I hope your all enjoying the lovely weather, Easter and the Bank Holidays went with a bit of a blur for us, so we saved our Easter cake and eggs for hubbys homecoming, who needs Weight Watches I hardly had anything to eat whilst he was in hospital, even the dog lost some weight :)

Popping out now
 bye  Cate x