Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vintage Recipes

This is a quick post  for anyone like myself who loves old cookery books and recipes, I found this great website hope you like it.
Cate x


Friday, 17 June 2011

Fairy Cake Friday

I thought I would bring out the Domestic Goddess in me and do a bit of baking this evening, well what else can you do on a soggy Friday ?  all suggestions considered :)

 Nothing fancy just sponge with pink vanilla buttercream

Eccles Cakes

 Mix currants and suger together and put on rounds of puff pastry
pinch the tops together turn over and make a couple of slits, bake untill golden

   Cheese and onion quiche, flan, pie whatever you want to call it.
A small tip for anyone needing to blind bake I refuse to pay the price for ceramic baking beans instead I use dried chick peas they work just as well.

Now if I don't post this soon it will be Saturday and I'll have to change the title.
Have a good weekend 
Bye for now
Cate x