Friday, 26 August 2011

Whats the time Mr Wolf ?

We had a walk today in a short spell of dry weather, on the edge of the wood these lovely orange berries were growing, I wasen't in much of a doing mood so here are a few lovely flowers to cheer up what has been a miserable wet day, did anyone else get caught in yesterdays downpour ? I'll say no more except I think I'm growing web feet :) like my friend

 These are the biggest one-o-clocks (what do you call them ? ) that I have ever seen.
The story goes that you have to blow off the seeds, one blow is 1-o-clock when there are no more seeds left that is the time, this was taken a couple of weeks ago the flowers are just like Dandelions only taller.

Flowers in my garden

Poor Zara and her best friend Mog are so fed up with the rain, they hate to get wet, they have taken to their bed untill there is a more clement forecast.
I think I might dust off the paintbrushes and do some decorating, unless of course the sun comes out. 
Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend 
Cate x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Glad to be back

Hi all, we have had  many stressy months but at last things are getting better, my hubby has recently had brain surgery and I'm glad to say he is recovering well, it's early days and he will be off work for a while yet but the relief is amazing nothing seems that important anymore except life itself.
I made him a bit of a celebration tea to welcome him home would you like a slice of cake?
 or a choc chip cookie.
I thought I woud push the boat out and have a go at making meringues, after a lot of whisking and bad language I and ended up with a mountain of  fluff, I used unbleached castor sugar which gave them a lovely toffee taste the problem is I'm still not sure what I did :) if anyone would like to try I will get my thinking cap on for you.
I still have a couple of weeks left before I go back to school, I have spent far too much time on the garden, it was good to go out there and forget things for a while, maybe its time for a bit of housework :(  or maybe a couple of days out to celebrate a bit more.

Pop over let me know what you have been doing.

Have a good week wherever you are and
Give someone a smile you never know they just might need it.

cate x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Ben Shaws

This is a short post to say Thank You to Ben Shaws
I sent them an E mail saying I like to stick to my Northern Roots and purchase said products. I also like the fact that their lemonade doesen't have any funny stuff in it (aspartamine) but sadly I couldn't find it anymore, they sent me a very nice reply and offered me some cloudy lemonade for free, it made my day :)

 If you haven't tried it please do, it's lovely, and we need to support all our traditions before they disappear forever.
Cate x


Monday, 1 August 2011

Ladybird Ladybird

Hi everyone hope your all enjoying the lovely weather, I have 5 more weeks of the school holidays left, not that I'm counting :)

Yesterday I started a work on the path surrounding my old summer house, it was bulit in the 1930's and still desperately needs a renovation, if you want to see what it's like there are some pics in the archives just a mess really, at lunchtime there was suddenly an influx of these sweet little creatures or so I thought.
if you've never been bitten by one the first time can be a bit of a suprise. It was like the annual outing of the Ladybird Club they were everywhere and I had to come inside, I can remember a few years ago we had swarms of them, people were having to sweep them up there were so many, there are some pictures on Google.There is a link below if anyone is interested

We had a gas barbecue given to us last week by a friend which was very kind, well this thing is huge and we all stood looking at it and then promtly covered it up, it looks like you should have a license to use it and to be honest were not sure how to drive it yet, so if anyone knows of any good vege recipes or web sites for a gas barbecue I'm all ears,
I'm off now to get some L plates.

Have a lovely week wherever you are
Cate xx