Sunday, 30 October 2011

Betty Butter

Betty Butter bought a bit of better butter
The butter Betty bought was bitter
So Betty bought a bit of better butter

or so the poem goes something like this :) try saying this after a drink ( of milk )

I had a large tub of cream lurking in the freezer, lets use it I thought, apple pie with lashings of double cream, it looked ok but for some reason it was very grainy when defrosted, not one to be defeated as I hate waste I thought I would have a go at making butter, it was so easy,
looks like everyone will be getting homemade bread and butter for Christmas :)
This isn't a very good picture but now I have the bug I am going to try using the paddles and stamping my mark just like they did in the old days
  Does anyone know where I can buy one of these

Bye for now
Cate x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


My name is Cate and I'm a broochaholic
There I've said it, what started out many years ago when I was a little girl (hording all things shiny) has now turned into a bit of an obsession, well why have one when you can have more.

It seems an age since I blogged properly. Over the summer  I have found a few more bits of treasure, nothing of value except that wonderful feeling you get when you find something in a box or tin of rubbish and you just know you have to rescue it. These little china pin sticks are one of my favourites, my daughter bought me the pink one from a charity shop, it's so nice having a daughter who loves the same things.  
 Thought you might like a nose around at my latest finds, I know I like to see what you all find

The crazy thing is I rarely wear them, I'm always worried I will lose one, some are very fragile with loose pins.
My original plan was to incorporate them into the brooches I make, but it's getting harder to part with any.
I'm not much of a Winter person and am already missing the lighter evenings with that in mind I took a few pics of the last of the summer toms
 and unrelated greenhouse junk I'm glad to say I have since found the little boys spade. I bought this ornament years ago as it reminded me of my son as a toddler :)
Jutst a few Autumny pics before I go

I hope your all well and happy, hopefully I can get back on here now things have calmed down a bit at home, but of course then there is the latest distraction, Pinterest (it should be called Pinterpest ) although I do enjoy going on and have managed to collect a few boards, purely for research of course.
hope to see you all somewhere in cyberspace soon
.Cate x

Saturday, 1 October 2011


I received a very pretty package this morning all the way from Australia. It was from the lovely Pam  at Bayside Rose

It is always a pleasure to go on Pams blog she takes some lovely photo's, if you love flowers you won't be dissapointed, and go and have a look in the archive pics of her soap the packaging is so lovely.
This is the giveaway I won

A very neatly stitched cushion cover which I will have to hide from my daughter, she has a thing about red at the moment :)
Thank You Pam it is lovely
I really must have a go at making something as long as it doesen't need a zip I might be ok.

 Can anyone give me advise on which is the better Folksy or Etsy I have almost made enough brooches to  start selling

Hope your all enjoying the heatwave in the U.K. it may just make the Winter seem shorter. I know all of my plants are very confused but that can be for another post
bye for now

Cate x