Sunday, 18 November 2012

A little bit of Autumn and an old birdcage.

I have just spent ages raking leaves, shades of gold and yellow all around

The sun is shining 
Here are a few pics from my garden 
                                                                 Lovely toadstools
An Autumn/Winter Clematis called Freckles
It has lovely nodding flowers that hang down
There is still a lot of colour around

 Winter flowering Jasmin
Lots of berries

and even the odd Dandylion
And finally, as they say, I was rummaging in the loft and found this bircage, I thought it might look nice with some fairy lights in, unless you have any better ideas ?
 I'm not sure about the blue bits either
Thanks to all who sent kind words yesterday it meant a lot 
Have a lovely week where ever you are
Cate x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Remembering Noel

 Yesterday would have been my sons 22nd Birthday I don't normally like to share this sadness but I know many of you have also experienced these awful feelings I'm having at the moment. I also know in a few days life will be back to some kind of normal again, but for a few hours I can't help but wonder what life would have been like. We lost our twin daughter at 6 weeks and 2 years later Noel died at birth.My other children have always been my inspiration to carry on.
 We are so lucky to have them.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I couldn't let the day pass without a simple message of rememberance

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Scottie brooch

 A lovely suprise gift from Tam at A Treasured Past and as promised it now resides on my new Winter duffel coat
I also received a pretty tile neckless, in the tile was a vintage stamp which was franked a few days after my Wedding Day which made it even better, go over and take a look at Tams lovely stuff you won't be dissappointed.
 Cate x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just call me Orinoco

I like to see myself as a bit of a womble I hate to throw away anything that may be of use. 
For those of you who are not familier with these lovable creatures they are the original eco warriors, they reside in burrows on Wimbledon Common and are difficult to spot.

My womble moment came when son bought a box of mince pies, his girlfriend who's Canadian hadn't had the pleasure of tasting one before.
Those little silver dishes what a waste to throw them away I thought.
First I tried a couple of ideas

OOh dear they don't look brillient do they ?
but then
I put them onto my fairylights on the dresser.
I thought they looked ok, not sure everyone else did even called them "tacky" what a cheek  :)
but my apron says

Well it's back to school tomorrow hope your all well and happy
bye for now
Cate x

Monday, 22 October 2012

A little bit of vintage

Oh dear it's been such a  long time again, I might possibly be talking to myself :) but if I'm not

I'm still doing all the boring stuff, work, course work, etc but I have found a few nice things over the Summer to put a smile on my face. I have been wanting a dressing table for a while now and was pleased to win this on E bay.
 It needed a good polish and at last I have somewhere to put some of my treasures, the lady I bought it off begged me not to paint it white, I know it won't be to everyones taste but in our old house it fits in well.

I received a lovely anniversary gift, this is very fine talcum powder in a glass bottle made in the 30's  the company was called ZENOBIA PERFUMES:

ZENOBIA PERFUMES was started by chemist FW CHARLES in his LOUGHBOROUGH MARKET PLACE shop in the late nineteenth century . His well remembered slogan was "Romance in a Small Chemist's Shop" and the firm went on to make a huge variety of perfumes, many of them from flowers not normally associated with the industry today. His first success was SWEET PEA BLOSSOM and before long old favourites like Lily of the Valley, Violet and Jasmine were joined by rarities such as Wallflower and Poppy.
Some of the perfumes cost only pennies and many a bottle would be bought by young children as a birthday or Christmas gift for their mothers. ....
The firm continued to do excellent business and in 1949 the Wood Gate factory had an annual output of half a million bottles. The premises were sold to GENATOSAN in the late 1950s. (Google)

This little Yardley drum was sent to me by Tamara from A Treasured Past all the way from Ausrtalia.
Something I have had for a while are these hat pins, not having a pin stand I thought they would be safer inside this old jar.
Last but not least I now have a place to put my bargain leather ring box this cost me 20p at a boot fair last year. I think the bargain days are well and truly over don't you.

I hope you've all had a good Summer, my hubby has had good news from the hospital so it's all systems go to enjoy life again. I'm looking forward to catching up on all the blogs, blow the homework for once :)
Have a good week
bye for now Cate x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Was Hampton Court Flower Show that long ago ?

Hi everyone I haven't had much time lately for blogging, but  for all you gardeners  here are a few pics of Hampton Court  Flower Show. A friend bought me a ticket for my birthday, I did wonder at the time if there were any bloggy friends there ?
These are stunning
I loved this I like my garden to be a bit on the wild side
I didn't take many more as my camera was playing up but I hope you enjoyed the few.

I have been taking pics in the garden all summer so I will post a few of those soon. Its almost back to school for me :{ one more week off.

I will sneak in Zara after having a bath :) 
It  was all too much

Looks like another soggy Bank Holiday whatever your doing enjoy !
bye for now
Cate x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A bit of treasure

Hello everyone
I haven't been around much lately so I hope I haven't missed too much :)
I am off work at the moment after having an op on my hand, it's so boring not being able to do much, at least I can now type, and I will be back at work next week. I recently saw on Pinterest bunting made from vintage hankies, ha ha I thought, I have some hidden away somewhere, but after taking them out I can't bring myself to either cut them up or stitch tape to them, I sometimes wonder why I buy these things if I'm not going to use them.
I wanted to put the pinterest logo on my blog but can't seem to do it, all help graciously accepted, I do spend too much time on there though. and was more than a little shocked to see some hard core porn being pinned yesterday, not really the place.
I found these lovely cottons a few weeks ago again not sure what to do with them I'm such a horder.
I couldn't resist this tablecloth
Or these old badges any ideas ?
Here's hoping your all enjoying the odd bit of sunshine :)
bye for now Cate x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Garden Flowers

Wordless Wednesday :)