Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happy Half Term

 There are lots of things to get done, but first we need a little more
  Sunshine to make everyone smile.

                                                       I have lots of plants in the wrong place in my garden, I think there normally called weeds, this is one of
                the offenders mares tail, if anyone knows how to get rid of it I would be sooooo grateful it's spreading  fast.

The other one's I don't mind so much are dandylions, at least they have some colour.

Lots of veg to plant

Maybe a little bit of baking, I don't seem to get much time now but the sense of satisfaction when you make your own is so good. I have collected lots of old cookery books over the years maybe I should plough my way through them all.

                   Thought this looked nice sorry you can't read the small print


           A lovely sunny cake


  Maybe I should do some much needed housework
                      but where to start.

   Or I could sit down and read the paper

 And eat lots of sweets do you remember these               

Which is your favourite ?                                           
  Sweet and crunchy          

Dark and sticky      

Lasted for ages                                      

                                    Always made you cough                          

Or maybe these lovely chocolates, I was given a box of these last
 week for my Birthday I didn't think they still made them.

 Well thats my Bank Holiday sorted what about you

 Wherever you are or whatever your doing I hope    you have a good time and the      
rain keeps off, have a lovely half term.

                                                                        Bye for now Cate x


Monday, 24 May 2010

Guess what I found

I just had to get this I'm not normally one for U J stuff but this made me smile and I thought of all the collecters out there, I was on my way out of Tesco this evening and it was on the side with all the other boxes to take, I am going to use it in the greenhouse.

I did buy some Tea Towels too nice to use though.

Last week I had a great find in the cs, a couple brought in 3 boxes of china whilst I was there. I asked the lady who runs it if I could have a look before she took it in the storeroom, she was so nice she even lent me a box to carry my treasure  home in.

          Just a little peep

         A little more ?
      I am so pleased with all this

there are a couple of full sets of plates but most are odd but I don't mind I like the thought of taking care of them.

The flower pattern on this is raised                 
I have a few bits of blue and white so these will go well together.

  I really must have a sort out and sell on some of the things I've had a long time otherwise I'll be banned from going out on my own :) allthough
D can't ever complain as he has books and comics all over the place and there nowhere near as nice as my stuff.   

I hope you have all had a good weekend here in the u k  we have had SUN so nice.

    Some of us just can't be bothered

                                                          She does get up occasionally : )
                                                                   Bye for now Cate x                              

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thinking Happy Thoughts and Nice People

Well I'm trying, Ive not had the best few weeks, the pain is starting to ebb and I'm hoping the sunshine will do it's bit.

One thing really nice that happened recently was when D went to collect my sewing machine. He works a lot at night and had to go out early, so we had an early Dinner and off he went, I didn't know about the machine then, (he's so lovely) The house he went to  was a large Victorian  place divided into flats. When he eventually got the right one he was asked in by a middle aged Indian man, the rest of the family were seated around the dinner table,  feeling a little uncomfortable D appologised hoping the machine would arrive so he could go.Well what happened next he still can't forget the man asked him to sit with them at the table, he then put a plate in front of him, D said " No Thank You I have to go to work" the man said " It is written you were meant to be here and share our food" well how could he refuse the daughter gave him a plate of curry and a spicy drink, D loves anything food wise and really enjoyed it, even on top of his first dinner  : )

 He stayed for longer than he should and had a lovely chat with this man, in India he was a professor and spoke many languages, D found him so interesting, his hospitality was, well what can I say, these people are the true advocates of their religion not the extremists its such a shame we only see the latter.
Well the sun is out, the house is a mess, the lawn needs  
                                                      a cut, so lets flip a coin and see which wins. I wish  I could wiggle my nose like the bewitched lady and everything would be done I can't get motiveated just lately, sorry if  I seem a bit of a misery, I will try and get back on track. Thank You for listening to my prattling on

Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone

Cate x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Easy peasy dinner

  Fancied posting something a bit different, so here is an easy dinner, as long as you don''t want meat : )

Gently fry onions, mushrooms, any herbs you like and bell peppers in olive oil, cool slightly

Roll out a block of pastry (ready made) into a large round or square shape.Place the veg on the pastry and curl up the edge, tear a large piece of  mozzerella into chunks and place on top.
Cook in a moderate oven for about 25 mins untill golden
Gently cook cherry toms in a little sugar and balsamic vinegar to serve on the side delicious warm or cold.

Told you it was easy   : )                               Buen Provecho


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Can you smell the violets ?

I have been meaning to post this for ages and then I saw a lovely post on perfume at susies vintage attic.

Does anyone remember the tiny bottles of Devon Violets you used to find in those lovely tacky shops on holiday? I can remember having to stand still for ages whilst my mum read all the silly postcards. I could never understand why they made her laugh so much, how I wish you were still here Mum so I could laugh with you.

                                         I have been trying to find April Violets By ummm its gone out of my head I'll remember tomorrow when I'm more awake : )
( Yardley ) the pic below is what started all this off. I have lots of sweet violets growing in my garden. This print is of the double one called called Princess Mary.

I found this little bottle in Q.D. last year, the green one is for ink, we used to go on digs years ago and found lots of great bottles, I will post some pics if anyone is interested.
  I hope you all have a very fragrant and happy week whatever you are doing. Cate x


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bigger Ducklings

Wow did they grow over the Bank holiday Weekend,
they now have a bit of attitude and dive in the pool.

We will all be sorry to see them go and I have been tempted to keep them, the last time we kept ducks we had only just got the dog and she wasen't sure what to do with them. Being a hound I'm not sure it's a good idea.
A fox  managed to chew his way into the pen and had ours
( Donald, Daisy, Angel and all the babies in one go) for dinner.I don't think I could go through that again, so sadly  Zara will never have a pet duck to call her own                                            

 These are a few extra pic I took at work, I have never bothered much with the camera before.                                                  

These cottages are across the road from school they have lovely gardens with fish ponds and rock gardens

This is the old prison cell  scary

 These steps are to help you mount your horse
you can see how well used they are          

 I thought these trees were so pretty

These are May Day posy baskets we made at Rainbows on Wednesday, we usually have a May Pole Dance at school which is so nice,  I am all for keeping up old traditions, in the past a posy of flowers would be hung on someones door knocker, they would knock on the door and run away, when the person opened the door they had a lovely suprise.

      This is their version of the ducklings

Well that's all for now, Thanks Jillie, Karen and Sharon for your kind words I havent had a week like that for ages, Im not very good with stressy things they seem to kick everything off. I'm having large doses of Bach Rescue Remedy and the odd glass of wine, purely medicinal of course. I now feel I should proof read everything it makes you paranoid being in school.
bye for now
Cate x