Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Many Thanks

To everyone who took the trouble to comment on my sad day it's nice to know there are lovely caring people still out there, it really helped to write it down even though it may never make sense.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I've had a little cry

Some days you just have to stand still and wonder what might have been, in 1988 we lost a beautifull baby girl called Charlotte she was 6 weeeks old, her twin sister is now 21, 2 years later we lost a son Noel he died at birth and today would have been his 20th Birthday, I often wonder what they would have been like.

Amidst all this and against all the odds another son was born, we cherish every day with our children and love them to bits but today is for Noel Happy Birthday my darling.

Thank You for letting me share this with you all

Cate x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Pudding

At last we seem to have solved our phone problems BT rang to say everything had been fixed and they hoped I would have a good weekend mmmm  nothing about compensation though.

I have had a lazy day making things I really should have been doing a bit of housework but somehow once I got going I couldn't stop, at least for a couple of hours.I might even be brave and take them into work when I've made a few more

 For once I did have a bit of a productive day it was nice to do something different I think I need a thimble though :)
I think I will add a few beads or bells to the heart what do you think ? 
Hope you've all had a good weekend 
Cate x

Thursday, 11 November 2010



 winners of my little giveaway

                              No words needed

I have been trying to get on here all week, the phone lines have been more off than on, this is the second time in as many weeks this has happened.

So at last I can post the winners of the above (I have to withdraw the book) long story so I have chosen something else to take its place :) I will try and find another book for a future prize.

Now I am really annoyed the power thingy is so low non of my blog pictures will load so I can't show the winners being picked out  arhgggggg 

first out was 

bell a boo I will be sending you the little trinket dish I know it will look lovely with all your other china :)

and the second one out was Debbie Moss (sorry about the book) I have a lovely white bud vase for you I know how much you like white and flowers. :)

If you can both send me your e mail address I will  be intouch.

Thanks everyone for your comments its nice to escape to blogland and have a chat with you all, sorry you can't all win so here is a bunch of flowers for you instead 

                        I hope to be around and posting soon but I'm not holding my breath, BT have said we may be off untill next week, so the little bit of power I have is a real bonus wherever it's from :)

bye for now hope to be back soon Cate x