Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fruit For Free

I didn't realise the little tree which was growing next to my ornamental plum was a sucker, I rather liked the lush greeen leaves against the purple of the other.One day it flowered, there was blossom everywhere and then these, not the biggest of fruit or the sweetest.

I collected a bowl full  not bad for free, we also had a bowl full of apples which were also a little on the tart side, so I was told :)

 I hate waste so I looked through my cookbooks and found a receipe for apple and plum jam, after lots of scrabbling around to get the jam pan out and finding where I had put the jars I am pleased to say I have something to show for my six weeks off :)


One more day of my hols left,
I know there are lot's of Mums looking forward to the new term and just as many not, so if your little one is starting school Ill be thinking of you Bye for now Cate xx


Today is my Wedding Anniversary the time has flown by and if I had the chance to do it all again I would always choose you my love
Thank You for all your lovely comments about my bag.

Monday, 30 August 2010

something to show at last

                                                                                I have re-purposed this little bag to store some of my vintage jewellry. I can never seem to find anything just right, so in true blogging style I did it myself

  Hope you like it.
I would love to hear your opinions
as  I am thinking of adding these to my other items to sell

I will be listing my recent makes in my little shop soon
               Hope everyone's had a Good Bank Holiday
bye for now
Cate xx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I won something :)

I was so pleased to find I had won a giveaway from Annie @
The Felt Fairy
although Annie hasen't been feeling well she still manages to be cheerful keep her blog going and run a business, pop over and have a look, she has things you never knew you needed :)

Cate x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Re Cup Cakes

Thanks for all your comments forgot to say I like a bit of nostalgia and Englishness if thats a word, and prefer to still call them what my Mum called them,  the good old Northern term of buns or Fairy Cakes, smaller than a cup cake and much more dainty.
bye for now   Cate :)   x

spotty cases

Sainsburys had a special offer last week these lovely spotty cake cases they were less than 60p, they also had very pretty lacy rings for around the top of cup cakes which would be nice for giving them as a gift but they don't last long enough here to need to look that good :)

I found this lovely book by Susanna Tee last week, it has a receipe for a strawberry cupcake baked  in a teacup not your best china of course.
I had a surf around the web out of curiosity and couldn't believe some of the cupcakes out there I now feel totaly inadequate  :)

                  I love this logo
Great British Cupcake Logo                    

might need a trip to Brighton :)

Looks like it might be the usual soggy Bank Holiday :)
 never mind indulge in some cake, you could even share your favourite receipe. Whatever you do enjoy yourselves

Cate x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vintage Swap

My lovely parcel arrived last week my first swap

I have a fondness for Flower Fairies
and Yankee Candles

 A pretty note and address book, Much too nice to use t towel  :)
  my first patchwork heart  and  some yummy chocolate                                                                             

Thank You so much Sharon Love from Me x


It has taken me a while to feel up to doing some more crafting but I now have a few items to put in my shop and maybe etsy or folksy, this is a jewelry box decoupaged and aged a littlle i will post them all later when someone loads them up for me (I'm useless).
I will also post my vintage swop.
I really must pay more attention to cameras, bits of wire and things so I can do it myself :)

It felt a bit chilly early this morning my son has started back at collage  so no more lazy mornings for me :) at least it gets me ready for going back to school.I hope your all having a good week.  Cate xx

Monday, 23 August 2010



Tamara @ A Treasured Past
has a wonderful givaway, there is something for everyone, go over and take a look
sorry I haven't linked this, I always have trouble getting it right :)

I received my shabby vintage swop from Sharon at Clover Cottage the other day it is lovely and will post pics when I get more time, I am busy trying to get my daughter settled in a new job and son settled at collage I think I would rather do the school uniform trip :) at least it was over in a couple of days, or am I remembering through rose tinted glasses ? bye for now  cate x

Monday, 16 August 2010

sharing an award

last week I was sent an award by the lovely Tamara  @ A Treasured Past pop over and  say hi she has some interesting collections and would love to hear from you. I always think it's nice to see collecting from the other side of the world.
The only way to choose to share is to say,
I am sharing my award with the lovely bloggers who cheered me up this weekend.
Bayside Rose     Are We Nearly There Yet   
  Love To Craft     
  Woodbank Crafts
The Rambling Of An Everyday Mummy      + an extra one for my daughter who has gone away on a course  Backcombing and Bows  Good Luck Darling :)

 I sent off my Shabby Vintage Swop last week and because I know Sharon has received it I can show you a little bit of what I  sent,  this is the box I packed it in, but forgot to take pics of the rest, maybe Sharon will post it @ Clover Cottage I wish I could sew like Sharon you won't believe how long it took me to cut out a bit of bunting :)

Hope you all have a good week 
bye for now   Cate xx

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Bloggers are such nice people.

Thanks for taking the time to cheer me up I'm feeling a bit better, the hospital visit got me down and it would have been my mums birthday today, but tomorrow is another day  :)

I did make an effort and did  my first bit of sewing well cutting out, some bunting, I will show you when it's finished.  
Cate x

The card is from ziggies.co.uk

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Don't mean to be a misery

but I'm having a bad day

 Just lately I seem to need more of these

I'm dreading going back to work, I can manage the mornings which is what I do now, before I changed jobs I worked  in a pre school in the day and then at an after school club into the evening but it all got a bit too much.

On a good day I feel like this

A lot of this
and this
Full of good intentions

But not today
I have just sat and read everyones blogs and surfed the net and now I'm going to put a smile on my face and do something useful :) Thanks for your time I feel better already

bye for now
Cate x

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A bit more treasure

I bought this little dog a few weeks ago it seems rather old as it has an unusual padded inside for potpourri. I thought I would use it for a few of my hat pins.
it was in a box on the floor full of dust, poor old thing.

I also bought this candle holder which is great for power cuts we don't have them as much as we used to though.

Also a pair of candle sticks I have a few pressed glass ones but no china, they have tiny pink rosebuds on them, sorry terrible pic.

These should have been on the last post, the one on the right is indian silver, 1st there is a ring, then the v shape fits over the back of your hand  and then there is the bracelet. I haven't a clue if I'll wear it, I have a couple of other bits similar I just love the noise the bells make.
The beads are all different lengths and are pearly.
I suddenly realised I have never got rid of any of my jewelry I still have some from when I was small.
I think I'm a bit of a magpie, how about you ? this is a peek in one of my boxes I must have a sort out.
 I will show you some of my favourites another day if you like.
ps I bought another brooch today :)

 Hope you've all had a good day,
by the time I get organised it will be back to school time :(
bye for now Cate x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Mate

My husband bought this little tin for me at the weekend knowing how much I like Marmite and tins :)

Marmite was introduced in 1902 the cubes came later in 1930. I read somewhere that they reappeared again in the 50's. Being vege I use it to add depth of flavour to soups and stews and I would love one of those huge pots they use on cafe counters but where  would I put it ;)

As they say you either love it or hate it, there are a number of web pages with information on the history and its association with vegemite etc.
I hate vegemite yuk : (

Are you a lover or a hater ?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Do onions make you cry?

When I downloaded my pics I found this, my son had taken it after helping to make dinner.
Shhhh  don't tell him I have told you :)


I thought I would share with you what I found at the boot fair today. I bought lots of hankies all snowy white. I wish I had bought them all now, I picked out 11. The picture has lovely embroidery

A few doileys and tray cloths, I need these like a hole in the head I just can't resist if the price is right.

I love this little deco watch and it keeps perfect time. I have been looking for one with a strap like this for ages.Brooches are a bit of a passion of mine not that I have lots, just what catches my eye. The one at the top has a deep coloured stone and has very fine filligree work on the back the red  one said take me home :)
Sadly the little ring box was empty but I love it.

This pic is a bit fuzzy,a metal  brooch a sixpence you can put on a chain, the stick pin is forget me nots and a rose brooch. I got these last week. I still have lots to show you it's been ages since I posted anything.

Next week I will endeavor to take pics of a few more things, in between attacking the garden, having a go at my sewing machine, baking etc etc don't think  I'll ever be a Stepford wife. 
I have just had a good read of all the blogs, everyone seems to be enjoying the summer or Autumn
Thinking of you all enjoy the week
Cate x

Friday, 6 August 2010


Guess what this is ?

 Any idea ?

I bet you use it

Well it's rape seed I thought it looked so pretty close up. I took this just before they cut it down.

I had a hospital visit today, new meds to take in a couple of weeks after I've read up on them :( and decided if I want to take them, but anythings worth a try :)

 Camping daughter is having a good time, rather jealous as she has been to the Eden Project without me,  I'll get there one day, she said the rain forest was so hot she nearly fainted.

For anyone out of the uk this is in Cornwall.

I think we have rain tomorrow, as it's our local Flower Show, what else would it do, I'm going to try and summon up some energy and do a bit of spring summer cleaning.

Is this moving ? it's supposed to

my vintage swop ( with Tilly Rose) is almost ready to send I have had such fun putting it together my swop partner is Sharon @ Clover Cottage go and have a look at her blog she makes lovely things and has just started suppling a local shop. Sharon was the second person to comment on my blog when I started so it's nice to be teamed up with her.

If your still with me sorry I do prattle on sometimes :) I hope you all have a lovely weekend bye for now
Cate x
ps Thank You Tamara @ A Treasured Past for my award but I can't seem to open the pic :(

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

That lampshade again

I have been sent a great site by bayside rose for a tutorial on lampshade making, but it's also worth a look for all the other things on there.

 hope it works for you, if not go on my comments page and paste and copy from there.

We have had a storm and a half today, I can't remember rain so heavy for a long time, it started just as we were putting the largest cover on the roof,  being so close to the water I thought we may need one of these.
"Take my wellies on your camping trip" I told my daughter, I won't need them, I forgot about the The Great English Summertime

"Never mind" said Eeyore tomorrow is another day

Keep smiling
bye for now Cate x