Monday, 27 December 2010

Belated Wishes

Hi Everyone sorry I haven't been around much these past few weeks. 
I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and are still doing so eating drinking, and being merry !

We have had a trying few weeks waiting for my hubby to have some tests done, the build up and the waiting have been awful. Christmas was put on hold and getting up for work was the only thing that kept me going, we found out on Christmas Eve everthing is ok suddenly nothing else mattered.

So where ever you are, slow down, tell your favourite people you love them and enjoy each day
bye for now

 Cate x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Many Thanks

To everyone who took the trouble to comment on my sad day it's nice to know there are lovely caring people still out there, it really helped to write it down even though it may never make sense.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I've had a little cry

Some days you just have to stand still and wonder what might have been, in 1988 we lost a beautifull baby girl called Charlotte she was 6 weeeks old, her twin sister is now 21, 2 years later we lost a son Noel he died at birth and today would have been his 20th Birthday, I often wonder what they would have been like.

Amidst all this and against all the odds another son was born, we cherish every day with our children and love them to bits but today is for Noel Happy Birthday my darling.

Thank You for letting me share this with you all

Cate x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Pudding

At last we seem to have solved our phone problems BT rang to say everything had been fixed and they hoped I would have a good weekend mmmm  nothing about compensation though.

I have had a lazy day making things I really should have been doing a bit of housework but somehow once I got going I couldn't stop, at least for a couple of hours.I might even be brave and take them into work when I've made a few more

 For once I did have a bit of a productive day it was nice to do something different I think I need a thimble though :)
I think I will add a few beads or bells to the heart what do you think ? 
Hope you've all had a good weekend 
Cate x

Thursday, 11 November 2010



 winners of my little giveaway

                              No words needed

I have been trying to get on here all week, the phone lines have been more off than on, this is the second time in as many weeks this has happened.

So at last I can post the winners of the above (I have to withdraw the book) long story so I have chosen something else to take its place :) I will try and find another book for a future prize.

Now I am really annoyed the power thingy is so low non of my blog pictures will load so I can't show the winners being picked out  arhgggggg 

first out was 

bell a boo I will be sending you the little trinket dish I know it will look lovely with all your other china :)

and the second one out was Debbie Moss (sorry about the book) I have a lovely white bud vase for you I know how much you like white and flowers. :)

If you can both send me your e mail address I will  be intouch.

Thanks everyone for your comments its nice to escape to blogland and have a chat with you all, sorry you can't all win so here is a bunch of flowers for you instead 

                        I hope to be around and posting soon but I'm not holding my breath, BT have said we may be off untill next week, so the little bit of power I have is a real bonus wherever it's from :)

bye for now hope to be back soon Cate x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Little giveaway a few more days

Hi everyone I have had no phone line or internet all week so I thought I would hold on the giveaway for a few more days,
Thanks to everyone who has commented it seems I'm not on my own in getting things done and now it's back to school again
If your having a Halloween party I hope you have a spooky time
bye for now
Cate x

Monday, 25 October 2010

A Big Thank You and a little giveaway

 Hello dear bloggers
Everyone has been so kind with their lovely comments on my boxes etc, my problem is I'm my own worst nightmare, I have so many things I want to try out, my crotchet blanket is having a lovely time lazing in its basket dreaming of the day it will be used finished.   :)

I have a mountain of fabric I would love to use on
1. A scrappy patchwork cushion, ( I blame Helen @ A patchwork Heart for this and the rug :)
2. A fabric scrap rug
3. I want to make beautiful brooches, Annie (The felt fairy) this is some of your lovely felt.                    
    this is work in progress.
4 .Make Christmas decorations for my children to treasure.

5. Paint watercolour miniatures like I used to do years ago

   The list is endless because it lso includes loads of decorating and my biggest ever to do project renovating our old summer house, some of you may remember my blog in the Summer.
I can never seem to get myself organised.  I think being unwell for a long time has rather taken the wind from my sales or maybe it's being a Gemini, I can never make my mind up and always have an excuse :)

Does anyone else have this problem ?
On a different note I try not to look at how many followers I have, but after a recent  blog discussion I did take a peep, low and behold there were 10 more than last time I looked, so my planned giveaway is to say a great big Thank You to all my old bloggy friends and a big Welcome to my new ones.
I often trawl around blogs and have a good read, wonder at some of the beautiful things you all make and enjoy seeing new places, but sometimes I don't comment, I don't always feel I have a lot to contibute, but I do enjoy it and have been so glad I started this blog. I have made some lovely friends ones I may never meet but in blog land it doesen't matter.
This is just a little something to brighten someones day, so post a comment on my blog, both blogs for a double chance :) and I will put your name in the hat .Let me know which you would prefer.
               A 1950's Midwinter pin dish
                                  I will close this on 1st October

                     Well must fly I have such a lot to do

                                     BYE FOR NOW CATE X 

Monday, 18 October 2010

Blog Shop

You are invited to join me for Afternoon Tea

Vintage Mums Treasure is now open so help youself to tea  and let me know what you think of my shop. I have tried to charge a fair price which isn't easy as some of the boxes take me ages. I would love to hear from you all good or bad feedback is welcome. 
As a Thank You for taking my button I will be having a givaway very soon.
I am thinking of taking some boxes into work but feel a bit awkward, I never have been good at sales it's my  worst nightmare.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with the button thing, I let my daughter take over, what would I do without her :)

Look forward to hearing from you all

Cate x

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

can you help please

Hi everyone I have just listed some of my boxes on my little blog shop then I realised I don't have any way to link to it.Does anyone know an easy way to make a button the same as my blog shop header ? I have tried in vain, when I have it I will have a champagne reception to celebrate, and a little giveaway :) 
many thanks 

Cate x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A nice cuppa tea

 I have been getting these teabags from our local tiny shop for a few weeks now the first time simply because we had run out of the usual ones. I think the box is great something nostalgic about it, could be the U J   :) Out of curiosity I went on their web page and was suprised to find 50's nostalgia have a look at the saucy postcards :)

I am not one for plugging things but sometimes it's nice to show a bit of appreciation for a good cuppa at a great price and I'm all for saving the pennies.
cheers me dears
Cate x 

whooo I did my fist link :))

Have a good week everyone x

Monday, 27 September 2010

Make it 50's style

  I bought this book a few weeks ago in a cs
it's so relevant for today

What do you think of the apron :)

 I think this is a great idea

                                                                      Snazzy socks
            A very now knitted bag, dog lead and coller
                         For all you knitters a special apron
                                         How about matching aprons

                                         I wonder what we will be trying to emulate in 50 years time shell suits, curly perms, tattoos what do you think ?

Have a good week Cate x


Sunday, 26 September 2010

You know its Autumn

                                         When someone won't get up

I have had a busy week at school we had two art days which were fantastic I will post some pics next week
Thursday I had to give in to the pain in my hip and limped to the docs for a steroid injection. I am a bit dissapointed as it doesen't seem to have worked, has anyone else found this or does it take longer ?

Im thinking of having a go at making some of these
                                 After watching on of my favourite cookery shows this morning


          I would have put a link but I'm still no good at it, I always end up with lots of strange letters and things, I'm sure it will be easy to get on to if your interested,  she makes such lovely receipes.
Have a good Sunday everyone bye for now
Cate x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My tag reading list

This is my all time favourite, when I  was young I dreamt of going to a school like this, but would really have hated being away from home.
                                        I always wanted to be a Ballerina sadly my legs didn't grow long enough but my daughter has realised my dream and has the legs :)
I loved The Bunty comic.
I could always be found on Boxing Day in my room with The Bunty Annual and a selection box, not much has changed really :)
                                                    Once my children arrived it was a good excuse to relive all these books
                                              I enjoyed reading all about Flopsy Mopsy and Cotton Tail and called one of my ducks Jemmima not very original I know.
                                         My taste in literature has changed a lot over the years and I'm more willing to try anything that catches my eye.
                                        My favourites which I re read every few years are these,
I have a passion for social history.

                                                I have a copy of the film Hobsons Choice  staring John Mills it never fails to make me laugh.

                              This book I found in a charity shop it was rrp at £17:99 I paid 55p it was brand new. I like a challange and this  is a huge book to get through,  it's set in Victorian times which is why I bought it, boy did it make me blush a few times, I'm no prude but this is a bit racy to say the least, you have been warned :) that said it's compulsive reading.
                                               At the moment I'm reading this which I have borrowed from my favourite place the library.

                            Thats all for now  Happy reading cate x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Pink Sunset

I wanted to share with you this beautiful sunset I took whilst taking Zara out for a walk
  The sky was a lovely shade of pink
                 Almost gone it was so peaceful

    Can we go now ?  Guess who's afraid of the dark :)
   Hope your all having a good week Cate x

Monday, 20 September 2010

A gift from down under

What a lovely suprise I had on Friday a box just for me full of pink and green tissue from Tamarra @ A treasured Past.

  All wrapped up so pretty

A clever  use of a tapemeasure

Would you like to open them with me ?
I was all on my own, so much pink so much tissue
Which one first ?

A Lovely pincushion

The loopy wool flower will be going on my cardigan

A pretty pegdoll I will find a place for her at Christmas.

Lots of little parcels

An eggcup someone's been reading my blog :)

A pretty hairpin box which my daughter has her eye on.

I can still smell the lavender in this pretty box.

Some fabric pieces and a vintage soap box

lots of linen

Are you still with me :)

Pity I can't play anything :) I may get my son to try a few notes for me.

British snappers are now back home

And finally a little bag with these

I will have to get my thinking head on and decide where to put these if you have any good ideas let me know.

 Tamara has lots of different collections if you don't know her pop over and say Hi

Thank You Tamara for such a lovey gift