Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A bit of a tidy up

When I was home last week I decided to tidy my sewing box, it was all I could manage but I'm glad I did it. I'm ashamed to show you what a mess
I found things I didn't know I had  :)

Lovely old cottons

Whiskers and eyes for a teddy my mum was going to make, a clip box which has my sister in laws name scratched on it ooops, some very old wedding dress pearls and a pattern for a flower loom, Tam I told you I had one somewhere :)
At the botttom I found my daughters old ballet ribbons and some lovely lace collers

This was my daughters first hair clip sentimental I know but I would hate to lose it.

My first bit of sewing when I was about 7yrs I'm not much better now :)

What a difference a couple of hours makes

I think I spied a bit of vintage dust there as well, shhh don't tell anyone.
I promise I did polish my lovely old box when I had finished.
Job well done.

Thanks for all your get well wishes I have missed you all.

Cate x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Heart Swap

Hi everyone it feels like an age since I was last he here, just as I thought I had recovered from the flu I caught Tonsillitis, I couldn't eat for days but sadly not a pound did I lose :)

I had a lovely suprise this weekend from Louise  @
We had been partnered in the Heart Swop, as I was feeling a little worse for wear it really cheered me up.

There was lots of lovely pink tissue plus pretty heart ribbon
Heart chocolates which are hiding in the fridge for when I feel a bit better, and a pretty fabric heart
If you don't know Louises blog go and have a look she sews some lovely things for children. I received a lovely purse and a needle case, some of my pics were blurred so I will just show the pic with everything on.
I now have heart shaped topped pins, a union jack heart, a beautiful marble heart which came from a charity helping children in Kenya, cookie cutters and cake cases.
Sprinkles, tiny wooden hearts perfect for my boxes and love hearts to share.
Thank You Louise, this is only my second swap, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I'm looking forward to getting out into the garden a bit more now, I see a few of you have already started going to the bootfairs, we have a few starting this week, fresh air, exercise, what more could you want ? ok I can also think of a few things as well :)

Hope your all well and happy
Cate x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've finished reading

It's now my turn to pass on The christmas cookie club book
I wasen't sure when I first started reading it if I was going to like it but I was pleasently suprised. The story is intermingled with little snippets of information and recipes.
The book originated from Jillie@lovetocraft  I won the first leg so it has a long way to go yet, it will be interesting to watch its travels.

I have collected all of the original bloggers who wanted to be entered and the ones from my blog put them together and 

The Winner is   Nicola @ woodbankcrafts  if you e mail me your address I will post it on to you, I hope you enjoy reading it.

 sorry there are no pics  

Bye for now Cate x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring Thoughts

Just a quick hello to you all I've been off work this week with the flu, so no blogging, washing,shopping etc but dinners were made and dishes washed what more could I ask for, I now need a week off to get up to speed with everything.

The sun has been shining here today so I had a wander in the garden, it was lovely and warm in the greenhouse time to sow a few seeds I think, I was given a set of wooden seed trays for Christmas time to put them to good use.
Maybe a few Lupins have you ever seen so many ? I love the old fashioned purple but can't seem to find them anymore.
I also want to make a start on my bug hotel so many bugs seem to be on the decline I think it's time to give something back, I'm not very good at composting although I do try, and I always have a pile of logs for things to hide in. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend doing what you enjoy

Before I go I feel I must mention Japan I don't know anyone out there but I'm sure if the tables were reversed I would like to think people were thinking of me.

Cate x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Mate 2

I found this book in the 99p store a bargain as it's a huge heavy thing retailing at £17 I have tried to link to a previous post I did but can only seem to do it this way even after all these months I'm still bumbling around blogger :)      (Thanks Karen)
hope you enjoy the pics if not Marmite.

I think these would make great posters I love the little halos on the lids. I can't find an artists name which is a shame I suppose if I go on Google I could find it .

And now I must go and do something useful it's cold and miserable here so no gardening maybe a bit of baking to get warm :)
Hope your all having a good weekend

Bye for now Cate x,

Can u help ?

I would like to know how to get the If you like this you may also like boxes which are posted at the bottom of  posts.

I have looked through settings but can't fathom out some of the gobble de gook which is probably what you think I'm talking now :)

If you can Thanks
Cate x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

At last

Spring seems to have arrived at last, flowers are popping up all over the place these are in a pot sink outside my greenhouse

It always amazes me how a little sun can brighten up everyones day, even though it's still cold it doesen't seem to matter as much.

The catkins on this twisted willow look so pretty nodding in the wind.

Changing the subject my daughter bought me this lovely tin to hold all of my carded buttons. I don't have any C.K. things, not because I don't like it, I just think sometimes it's a bit overdone but this I do like very much :)
I picked up the little sewing basket  last year at a boot fair for 50p the lady I bought it off seemed almost suprised that I wanted it

Hope you all have a sunny weekend wherever you are
Cate x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

pins and needles

I found a few things last week one being this lovely old book, the C.S. I go in once a week is staffed by some lovely elderly ladies who always appreciate my taking anything in, not like some of the more commercial charity shops who pick and choose what they will accept.

I also picked up some cutlery it's from an old company no longer in production, they were in a drawer full of odds and ends, my daughter went back yesterday and found a set of salad forks for me, sadly no knives or teaspoons. The tray cloth was a bonus at 40p.

This is a quick Thank You to Annie the felt fairy who very kindly sent me a bag of felt for my Rainbow Guides. When I mentioned the word fairy they were a bit puzzled and wanted to know was she like the tooth fairy but without teeth?  I'll leave this up to your imagination :)
smiles to all 
Cate x