Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quack Quack a testing week

Hi everyone well the week started off ok, and then we had Wednesday, there I was strolling into school unaware of the scary stuff waiting for me, a literacy test. It seems I had been put on a course for the next eight weeks learning how to sple, er slpe I mean spell and stuff, now I  know how all the year six children feel at the moment.

The highlight of my week was our new arrivals, there was great excitment on Monday morning the ducklings had arrived. Its amazing how fast they have grown, we all take them outside everyday for a swim and today was the first time they dived under the water, the children thought it was wonderful because they all got splashed. I thought I would share the pics with you all. I hope to take more before they go back to the farm next week.

     Dizzy Dotty and Quackles

         This is Dizzy


I hope you have all had a good week, bye for now
I hope the weather is better than the forcast this weekend : (

Cate x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

An Award

What a lovely suprise to be given an award when I have only been doing this blog for a few weeks. I have really enjoyed getting to know lots of very talented  people.I now have to tell you 7 things about myself umm

I danced at the Free Trade Hall M/C in The Sugar Plum Fairy  
(i was 5)
                                 I hate tea leaves weired I know
                                  love pastel colours
                                  I don't eat meat
                                  wish I could wear hats
                                  (they don't suit me)
                                  love shoes
                                  I have been to Australia twice.
Not very exciting stuff but it is rather hard to do without sounding mad or a showoff  : )

How I wish I could sew better I did get a present a few weeks ago this tiny machine, its so light I can lift it with one hand. I will have a go at making some cushions I think, can't make too much of a mess of that : )

Well am I glad I did some gardening yesterday its pouring down here on the normally sunny essex coast.
lots of you seem to have found treasure this week, when I get around to it I will post my finds from the Easter hols its only when I put it all together I realised why I need to be at work most of the time, we really don't have room for our collective hording, give me a week off and I'm like a woman demented, my daughter is as bad which I suppose is my fault : )
I'm off to do something useful now I hope your all enjoying your Sunday. I had to pick 7 people to send the above award to so here they are
                                                     Ticking Stripes
                                                     Clover Cottage
                                                     are we nearly there yet
                                                     Tilly Rose
                                                     Crafty Helen
                                                     Bellas Country
                                                     Maisies Attic
                                                                             Bye for now Cate x

Friday, 23 April 2010

Weekend at last

Hi everyone I haven't been feeling very upbeat this week hence no blogging.

Wednesday I had Rainbows, they had a good time playing what's the time Mr Dragon (well I do have to improvise sometimes : ) and making cakes, which for once was easy  just red and white icing on fairy cakes 

Hoping to do a bit of gardening tomorrow.

these pics made me smile and reminded me of a book I bought my son a while ago

just found a pic of it below

its such good fun that you end up staring at all the veg in Tesco, the only problem in the supermarket is that everything has to look the same its soooo boring.Bring back the the old fashioned greengrocers I say.

I love this carrot hand.
Your challange should you decide to take it is see if you can do better : )

I hope you all have a good weekend with lots of making and doing
 bye for now
 Cate x


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Back to school

Hi everyone I have really enjoyed meeting you all over the last couple of weeks and have brushed up my computers skills no end. Its school tomorrow what's that I hear from some of you a sigh of relief : )

 As the weather is so lovely I suppose I could pretend to be stuck abroad somewhere and escape to the garden for a couple more days.I have been busy making a few things this week and would really appreciate a bit of feed back  (when I get around to taking pics) I  realise listening to you all how difficult it is getting things to sell but I have enjoyed getting back into crafting.
I do manage to indulge my inner child when we make things at Rainbows.Anyone who's interested it's very rewarding and you don't have to be guidy I'm not. I started it for my daughter when she was 5yrs old she's 21 now, although it can be embarrassing in Tesco when someone shouts hia Tigger (my unit name) across the store.

I'm off to do the housework I should have done last week or maybe just pull up a few little weeds, make a cake, paint a box, (can't find any more excuses) so bye for now, I hope you all have a lovely week wherever and whatever you are doing
Cate x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Gardening

Do you want to grow some lovely vegetables and flowers ?
Last year I grew tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and baby sweetcorn plus a few others, not everything was perfect but it was good fun and caused great excitement (from me ) when I picked the first tomatoes of the year.

I have lost a few flowers because of the weather, but its a good excuse for a trip to the garden centre. I went to Hampton Court Flower Show last year. We hardly stopped all day and I still don't know how we managed to carry everything to the car.If you get the chance to go its worth the visit. 

I really feel a need for some special gardening items like these gloves
but I wouldn't want to get them dirty.
The gloves I use are lab gloves the palms are acid and waterproof they don't look very good but last for ages.

I do like to wear a hat in the summer then I can stay out longer, I only come inside when the dog drags its dish around the kitchen floor in the hope of food, or the light has gone.

I have a green pair of these clogs, great for slipping on and off, theres nothing worse than trying to hop on one leg to get wellies off when the phone rings. I did treat myself to these pink ones as proper wellies they are from R.H.S.
sadly mine are starting to fade.

I really love vintage seed packets and they make great presents if you put them in a nice basket with some other goodies. I made a friend a collection of lavender, with seeds collected from from my garden.

 There are lots of web sites where you can download seed packets, you could use them to collect your own seeds, and its much nicer than a paper bag. I will have a go at making a seed box and post the results.( now I have to make it) :)

 One thing I really would like is a nice wheelbarrow ( I'm easily pleased ) this looks like it would last forever it would even look good empty.

 Well that's a few of the things I like what about you do you have any day dreams ? I have tried to keep mine possible you don't have to :) Hope you all enjoyed your Easter let the gardening begin.

                    Happy Gardening 



Friday, 9 April 2010

Computers are a pain

I had planned to post some photo's today but the computer is having a sulk and has been taken away for a good telling off, fingers crossed it's nothing too bad.

I did buy a lovely Flower Fairies jug today plus a few other things, one being a large 1940's mirror shaped like a butterfly. It's so heavy,  and I don't know where it's going to live but it was one of those must have moments and it only cost me £3.

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine today, I cut the lawn for the first time, its a bit like coming out of hibernation for me.                          

So here's a bunch of lovely Spring flowers for you all
bye for now Cate x


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Decs

I hope you all have an enjoyable break wherever you are. I still do a bit of decorating even though the children have grown up.Its nice to see everyone smile I know they think Im mad, I started collecting egg cups years ago these are a few of my glass ones, the rest are packed away,
one day my kitchen will be finished and they can all come back in.

Well I think I'm getting a bit better at this even though the next pics not very good at least you can read the sign.I have just made cakes so why not join me, have a cup of something hot and ENJOY