Saturday, 24 March 2012

A bit of upcycleing

One plain pale blue wool cardigan + one tatty chair back cover with nice lace'
Cut out a few of the flowers, luckily these were easy to detach, fiddle around until your happy and then carefully stitch the on.
 Nothing fancy, but I know theres only one around :)
 what do you think of my first effort ?
It seems ages since I was on here, school has been been busy but I have a day off on Monday and then it's almost the Easter hols, so I.m not complaining.
A couple more brooches to hoard, there doesen't seem to be much around these days.
  I'm looking forward to getting out to the bootfairs, I might even sell some clutter treasure. I really need to recycle some stuff.
 Well thats all for now, I have taken more pics of the baby pigs, they haven't grown too much so they are still cute.
 The weather here is so lovely at the moment it seems to make everyone feel better, and I can put my washing on the line at last :)
wishing you all a lovely weekend
bye for now Cate x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pretty vintage lamp

Just popping in to show you this lovely little 50's lamp my daughter bought last week I had ummd and ahhd about it for a couple of days, I hadn't mentioned it to her, funny how we go for the same things.
It's red at the base but has a pale pink shade and is operated by a battery. I can just imagine it in some little girls room in the 40's or 50's.
The next three pics are a bit random I took them just because I thought  they looked nice, I tend to take these pics when I'm on my own as I do get some strange looks, you would think they would be used to my blogging  by now :)

These were found in the pantry when we moved in years ago. I'm glad I kept them.
My lovely husband bought these for me, he knows how much I like ducks, they are nodding salt and pepper pots.
Well that's all for now, I am doing ok with the homework so this is my time off for good behaviour :)
bye for now, hope your all enjoying the weekend.
Cate x