Saturday, 16 July 2011

Good Morning

Here in the U.K. we are having a rainy weekend now I for one sometimes welcome a weekend in, it means I can do a bit of this, easy peasy coconut macaroons.

If you do venture out please remember to take one of these, this was taken at Hampton Court Flower Show they were just a little too pricey for me.

But most of all have some fun
And please do remember to wear the correct attire :)
                 Wherever you are have a lovely weekend
                                         Cate xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vintage Buys

I couldn't resist this little clock even though it has a very loud TICK the clock we use is silent so I think this one will be for decoration only.
 I bought two large hand embroidered tablecloths for £1 this one is pink with white cotton lace at the side
this is the other one
I'm always a bit afraid of washing anything with embroidery on incase it runs has anyone else had problems ?
last is one odd earring + a pair these are going to be made into brooches, I have now made the magical number of  14 I'm trying my best to get together a decent collection before I try and sell them, I'm no good at the business side I just enjoy the making.

How have you all been doing treasure hunting ? even though I don't always comment I do try and keep up with reading your posts, the last bootfair  I went to I came home like a roasted chicken it was so hot.

We are still waiting for an appointment for the hospital so life goes on, we are trying to keep things as normal as possible.
3 weeks left before the end of term :) and our supply teacher is trying to cram all the unfinished work into it   :(

Well I'm off,  Mums taxi is calling again, can't wait for said son to pass his test.

bye for now
Cate x