Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A bit of treasure

Hello everyone
I haven't been around much lately so I hope I haven't missed too much :)
I am off work at the moment after having an op on my hand, it's so boring not being able to do much, at least I can now type, and I will be back at work next week. I recently saw on Pinterest bunting made from vintage hankies, ha ha I thought, I have some hidden away somewhere, but after taking them out I can't bring myself to either cut them up or stitch tape to them, I sometimes wonder why I buy these things if I'm not going to use them.
I wanted to put the pinterest logo on my blog but can't seem to do it, all help graciously accepted, I do spend too much time on there though. and was more than a little shocked to see some hard core porn being pinned yesterday, not really the place.
I found these lovely cottons a few weeks ago again not sure what to do with them I'm such a horder.
I couldn't resist this tablecloth
Or these old badges any ideas ?
Here's hoping your all enjoying the odd bit of sunshine :)
bye for now Cate x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Garden Flowers

Wordless Wednesday :)