Tuesday, 25 February 2014


It feels a bit strange being on here. I have finally finished my course and can't get used to having free time. It's been a long slog and I must have used up couple of trees worth of paper. 


  I have missed blogging, reading everyones news and I really need a fix of vintage splender from you all. Pinterest has kept me going for a while infact it has probably caused a few late pieces of course work along the way. 

 I had a trip back to my northern roots at the weekend to visit an elderly (104yrs)  relative in hospital. This shop made me laugh it was good to be back in the north :)

 This is a pic taken in The Peak District not far from where we used to live I love this house its very Wuthering Heights.

 looking forward to reading your news

Bye for now wherever you are

Cate x