Monday, 27 September 2010

Make it 50's style

  I bought this book a few weeks ago in a cs
it's so relevant for today

What do you think of the apron :)

 I think this is a great idea

                                                                      Snazzy socks
            A very now knitted bag, dog lead and coller
                         For all you knitters a special apron
                                         How about matching aprons

                                         I wonder what we will be trying to emulate in 50 years time shell suits, curly perms, tattoos what do you think ?

Have a good week Cate x


Sunday, 26 September 2010

You know its Autumn

                                         When someone won't get up

I have had a busy week at school we had two art days which were fantastic I will post some pics next week
Thursday I had to give in to the pain in my hip and limped to the docs for a steroid injection. I am a bit dissapointed as it doesen't seem to have worked, has anyone else found this or does it take longer ?

Im thinking of having a go at making some of these
                                 After watching on of my favourite cookery shows this morning


          I would have put a link but I'm still no good at it, I always end up with lots of strange letters and things, I'm sure it will be easy to get on to if your interested,  she makes such lovely receipes.
Have a good Sunday everyone bye for now
Cate x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My tag reading list

This is my all time favourite, when I  was young I dreamt of going to a school like this, but would really have hated being away from home.
                                        I always wanted to be a Ballerina sadly my legs didn't grow long enough but my daughter has realised my dream and has the legs :)
I loved The Bunty comic.
I could always be found on Boxing Day in my room with The Bunty Annual and a selection box, not much has changed really :)
                                                    Once my children arrived it was a good excuse to relive all these books
                                              I enjoyed reading all about Flopsy Mopsy and Cotton Tail and called one of my ducks Jemmima not very original I know.
                                         My taste in literature has changed a lot over the years and I'm more willing to try anything that catches my eye.
                                        My favourites which I re read every few years are these,
I have a passion for social history.

                                                I have a copy of the film Hobsons Choice  staring John Mills it never fails to make me laugh.

                              This book I found in a charity shop it was rrp at £17:99 I paid 55p it was brand new. I like a challange and this  is a huge book to get through,  it's set in Victorian times which is why I bought it, boy did it make me blush a few times, I'm no prude but this is a bit racy to say the least, you have been warned :) that said it's compulsive reading.
                                               At the moment I'm reading this which I have borrowed from my favourite place the library.

                            Thats all for now  Happy reading cate x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Pink Sunset

I wanted to share with you this beautiful sunset I took whilst taking Zara out for a walk
  The sky was a lovely shade of pink
                 Almost gone it was so peaceful

    Can we go now ?  Guess who's afraid of the dark :)
   Hope your all having a good week Cate x

Monday, 20 September 2010

A gift from down under

What a lovely suprise I had on Friday a box just for me full of pink and green tissue from Tamarra @ A treasured Past.

  All wrapped up so pretty

A clever  use of a tapemeasure

Would you like to open them with me ?
I was all on my own, so much pink so much tissue
Which one first ?

A Lovely pincushion

The loopy wool flower will be going on my cardigan

A pretty pegdoll I will find a place for her at Christmas.

Lots of little parcels

An eggcup someone's been reading my blog :)

A pretty hairpin box which my daughter has her eye on.

I can still smell the lavender in this pretty box.

Some fabric pieces and a vintage soap box

lots of linen

Are you still with me :)

Pity I can't play anything :) I may get my son to try a few notes for me.

British snappers are now back home

And finally a little bag with these

I will have to get my thinking head on and decide where to put these if you have any good ideas let me know.

 Tamara has lots of different collections if you don't know her pop over and say Hi

Thank You Tamara for such a lovey gift

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thank You

Thank You to everyone who offered help with my rust/iromould problem I have found something on E bay which looks promising,
I have just received a parcel all the way from Australia it's fromTamara @ A Treasured Past  it's full of lovely tissue and pretty packages, when someone brings home MY camera I will post the pics, I'm itching to open them all :)
cate x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Can u help ?

                                                                                                    Hi everyone hope your all getting into the swing of school  and the Autumn weather :)
just wondered if anyone can help
I bought this tablecloth last week very cheaply because it has what I think is a rust stain. I know old linen can get these marks a few of my stored pieces have them.
Can anyone tell me how to  get rid of them without causing any damage ? I have done a bit of research on it but would prefer to hear someones first hand knowledge. Thanks

the marks are at the bottom between the roses.

Picked  up this as well it's in a cheap frame but for now it will do, I thought it might look good in the kichen.

I thought this was a fun tin it just makes me smile it's from the 60's

This is an either love it or hate it item D and I both saw it at the same time on the boot fair and loved it, it's very heavy and we think rather old., no one else in the family likes it in fact they thought it  "not very nice"as you can see its leg is holding back the door :)

Thought this worth 50p it's made up of tiny beads I have a feeling U J stuff will disappear the way the world is going so I would like a little momento :)

Last pic I bought these for my daughter as she likes 50's but she didn't want them so I have sold them on E bay. Can't believe I have actually got rid of something.
If your still with me Thanks, this bit of blogging has taken my mind off a somewhat trying week won't bore you with the details
enjoy your week 
bye for now cate x

is it just me who gets big white gaps ? the more I fiddle the worse they get :)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I had to take a pic of this tomatoe it looks like one big one tied in the middle.
I'm still trying to cling onto the last of the Summer, I don't mind Autumn  as such, it's the dark nights creeping in I object to, anyway a few pics from last week.

This is one of my survivers we have a border in the back garden  which I try not to water it's a case of do or die. We are not too far from Beth Chetto's wonderful gardens, if you don't know of her it's worth a read on the net, she is an authority on no water gardening, we have the least rain fall in the country

Who lives in a house like this ?

We have to protect our greenhouse every year from these alians.

Berries for the birds

This poor bee was being being attacked by the ladybird I had to rescue it

Taking this I bent  down lost
balance and ended up lay on my back :)  notice how Zara runs to my rescue

Well that's all for now  it's pouring down here after my saying we don't have much rain :) serves me right. speak to you all soon have a good week
Cate xx