Friday, 19 February 2010

Thought I had better catch up on some much needed Spring cleaning if I close one eye it doesen't look too bad, I still need to do the very top of the dresser but for some reason the big platter I stuck up there out of the way won't budge, I think the dust fairy must have taken a fancy to it.
Just one more full day off tomorrow and I'm feeling guilty because I haven't done half the things I promised myself I would do. I did get the fabric from the c s + some linen napkins for a £1. I love a bargain just need to decide what to do with it ( and when) .


Tilly Rose said...

Hello hun! Lovely new blog! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. We have a lot in good to find someone who has fibro. Where abouts do you live?
hope you have fun exploring blogland....there's loads of us out there...all like minded's fab!!!
Karen x

cate said...

lovely to hear from you. I live on the Essex coast, still trying to find my way about blogland and of course fight for my turn on the computer :)