Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Gardening

Do you want to grow some lovely vegetables and flowers ?
Last year I grew tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and baby sweetcorn plus a few others, not everything was perfect but it was good fun and caused great excitement (from me ) when I picked the first tomatoes of the year.

I have lost a few flowers because of the weather, but its a good excuse for a trip to the garden centre. I went to Hampton Court Flower Show last year. We hardly stopped all day and I still don't know how we managed to carry everything to the car.If you get the chance to go its worth the visit. 

I really feel a need for some special gardening items like these gloves
but I wouldn't want to get them dirty.
The gloves I use are lab gloves the palms are acid and waterproof they don't look very good but last for ages.

I do like to wear a hat in the summer then I can stay out longer, I only come inside when the dog drags its dish around the kitchen floor in the hope of food, or the light has gone.

I have a green pair of these clogs, great for slipping on and off, theres nothing worse than trying to hop on one leg to get wellies off when the phone rings. I did treat myself to these pink ones as proper wellies they are from R.H.S.
sadly mine are starting to fade.

I really love vintage seed packets and they make great presents if you put them in a nice basket with some other goodies. I made a friend a collection of lavender, with seeds collected from from my garden.

 There are lots of web sites where you can download seed packets, you could use them to collect your own seeds, and its much nicer than a paper bag. I will have a go at making a seed box and post the results.( now I have to make it) :)

 One thing I really would like is a nice wheelbarrow ( I'm easily pleased ) this looks like it would last forever it would even look good empty.

 Well that's a few of the things I like what about you do you have any day dreams ? I have tried to keep mine possible you don't have to :) Hope you all enjoyed your Easter let the gardening begin.

                    Happy Gardening 




Tilly Rose said...

Hi Cate....I LOVE those girlie pink clogs!
Wish we lived sound just like me when it comes to gradening....we could chat over coffee!
Karen x x x

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi cate - just found your blog - lovely gardening post - nice to meet you - xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Hello Cate

Wanted to say hello and to thank you for your lovely and special comments on my blog post, it meant so much to me. Please know that I am thinking of you too and what you have been through, your pain must be very strong. I read your profile and you are like me, when I mention Joshua I almost feel that if I don't I am being disloyal to him and if I do people shall think me morbid. Though I am proud of him, yes he isnt here in body but his spirit is all around me, and my daughter especially, I know it. Special floaty kisses for your babies, and hugs to you from me X