Sunday, 31 October 2010

Little giveaway a few more days

Hi everyone I have had no phone line or internet all week so I thought I would hold on the giveaway for a few more days,
Thanks to everyone who has commented it seems I'm not on my own in getting things done and now it's back to school again
If your having a Halloween party I hope you have a spooky time
bye for now
Cate x


LissyLou said...

Hi Yes here is the info :

i'm selling at this one.

Its a really lovely big free fair xx

Thomas said...


My name's Thomas and I'm part of the DotComGiftShop team.

I just wanted to let you know that we've written an article called Vintage Blogs We Love, which of course includes your fantastic blog, Vintage Mum.

Here's a direct link to the article in full, for you to read:

If you have any problem at all with being included in this article, please do let us know and we'll remove your site immediately.

And of course, if you have any other questions or thoughts, please feel free to drop us a line.

Please delete this comment after reading. You can contact me directly by e-mailing

All the best,


Thomas Baugh

Country Girl said...

Hi, don't know when you will be able to read this but wanted to let you know that you are the runner up in my pass the book giveaway. You can get in touch with me by the email button on my profile.

I_Made_This said...

Hi Cate
Glad you got your internet working again.Daughter's halloween photo looks great.We are on holiday this week and I have had 2 of my rings made into 1 and we are picking it up tomorrow so will take photo and also photo of lovely gift box and post if for you on my blog tomorrow.Do you get Kitsty Allsop on your free to air tv as she has a new series starting tomorrow and i can record it and put it onto disk for you if you want me to. just off to watch someone put a real life size scalextric racing track together, so nite nite and blog tomorrow. Barbara x.x.x.x.