Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn Freebie

I'm not too happy once the weather changes, we live on the edge of the water so are at the moment being bombarded with stormy rain and wind, lovely to watch but not when you  have to fight with a tarpaline on our summer house roof, with all the hospital things going on we didn't get around to fixing it

.I saw this ad on google I think it's lovely
I thought a bit of comfort food was called for and all the better when it's for free, blackberries from the hedgerow hazelnuts and apples from the garden and a sqiushy pear from the fruitbowl
cook the fruit with sugar and a touch of vanilla essence

Make a crumble with flour, butter, oats and chopped hazelnuts and sprinkle on the fruit.
Bake untill golden brown
Grab the dish before it's all gone and spoon a big dollop into a bowl with icecream.

Ahhhh only 7 weeks to half term

Have a good  week
Cate x


Amanda said...

Yep Autumn has arrived!

Country Girl said...

It cetainly feels like autumn today but maybe we will get an Indian summer!

Mum said...

Time will soon fly by.
Love from Mum

Bayside Rose said...

Cate, you have won my giveaway.Please contact me with your address. Pam x

OhSoVintage said...

Crumble is my very very favourite pudding and yours looks delicious.
Ruth x