Tuesday, 11 October 2011


My name is Cate and I'm a broochaholic
There I've said it, what started out many years ago when I was a little girl (hording all things shiny) has now turned into a bit of an obsession, well why have one when you can have more.

It seems an age since I blogged properly. Over the summer  I have found a few more bits of treasure, nothing of value except that wonderful feeling you get when you find something in a box or tin of rubbish and you just know you have to rescue it. These little china pin sticks are one of my favourites, my daughter bought me the pink one from a charity shop, it's so nice having a daughter who loves the same things.  
 Thought you might like a nose around at my latest finds, I know I like to see what you all find

The crazy thing is I rarely wear them, I'm always worried I will lose one, some are very fragile with loose pins.
My original plan was to incorporate them into the brooches I make, but it's getting harder to part with any.
I'm not much of a Winter person and am already missing the lighter evenings with that in mind I took a few pics of the last of the summer toms
 and unrelated greenhouse junk I'm glad to say I have since found the little boys spade. I bought this ornament years ago as it reminded me of my son as a toddler :)
Jutst a few Autumny pics before I go

I hope your all well and happy, hopefully I can get back on here now things have calmed down a bit at home, but of course then there is the latest distraction, Pinterest (it should be called Pinterpest ) although I do enjoy going on and have managed to collect a few boards, purely for research of course.
hope to see you all somewhere in cyberspace soon
.Cate x


KC'sCourt! said...

My name is Julie and I am a broochaholic! I pulled myself together, gave me a good talking to and I am now selling some of my colection only keeping the ones that mean something to me i.e belong to my mum or my nanny.
Julie xxxxxxxx

A Treasured Past said...

Great post. Its great to hear that things are getting better?? Never heard of pinterest...just had a quick google...blimey its crazy. I think I will stay away from that one. Tam

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old niece is just the same with brooches, a real little magpie! She bought a brooch for every female member of our extended family that came to visit her during her stay here from Canada in the summer and usually with her pocket money, how sweet is that?!

VintageVicki said...

Some gorgeous brooches there. I too am a broocholic - have to remember to check my clothes before I wash them as there's always something attached to them.

delia hornbook said...

;-)) I to a broochaholic i never leave the house without one ;-)) I love them vintage ones of course. I have one on every coat i own and i wear them on my tops to. I adore them its great to see someone elses collection. dee xx

Bayside Rose said...

Hi Cate, Love your stunning brooches. A beautiful collection.

That is a huge spider web. Lovely photos Cate. x

ted and bunny said...

ooooo brooches...have to joing you over her at Broochaholics Un-anonymous!

thanksfor your sweet comment re Bruce's mane

Have a good week

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Lovely brooches. Like you I am often nervous about wearing the really special ones. Lizzie

Hello Vintage said...

Your collection is gorgeous. I would find it difficult to part with them also. Sherry :)

Shaheen said...

Hi Cate,
This is a lovely post. I am coveting your first photo of brooches. I am not that familiar with Pinterest yet, so when I get back to my usual blogging routine, I will certainly check it out :)

Re your question on measures for U.S.A. cups, tablespoons etc to English 1bs oz - I don't know anything top of my head, but I am hoping to do a blog page on it in the near future, but that may be a while. Sorry :(