Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A bit of treasure

Hello everyone
I haven't been around much lately so I hope I haven't missed too much :)
I am off work at the moment after having an op on my hand, it's so boring not being able to do much, at least I can now type, and I will be back at work next week. I recently saw on Pinterest bunting made from vintage hankies, ha ha I thought, I have some hidden away somewhere, but after taking them out I can't bring myself to either cut them up or stitch tape to them, I sometimes wonder why I buy these things if I'm not going to use them.
I wanted to put the pinterest logo on my blog but can't seem to do it, all help graciously accepted, I do spend too much time on there though. and was more than a little shocked to see some hard core porn being pinned yesterday, not really the place.
I found these lovely cottons a few weeks ago again not sure what to do with them I'm such a horder.
I couldn't resist this tablecloth
Or these old badges any ideas ?
Here's hoping your all enjoying the odd bit of sunshine :)
bye for now Cate x


Emma said...

Hello, I've been here a few times now but haven't ever posted before - so I thought I'd say hi. I hope your hand is feeling better. You've got some really lovely pieces here, I especially love the vintage handkerchiefs!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your hand is improving. I love the idea of bunting made from embroidered hankies. If I'm not mistaken, I think Cath Kidston had a bag decorated with badges at some exorbitant price, perhaps you could make a rival!

bellaboo said...

You sound like me! Another hoarder!
I know what you mean about not wanting to sew those hankies,but on the other hand you will be able to enjoy them rather than them being tucked away in a drawer somewhere.What a shame to be off work but not able to do much,hope your hand gets better very soon.At least you can enjoy the sunshine!

LittleGem said...

I've seen bunting made from hankies where the corners are tied together if you know what I mean, so there is no sewing just cute little knots. And your badges, put em on an old rucksack or shopper bag a la Cath K!

LittleGem said...

Or, just thought, the hankies, just fold them over a pretty length of ribbon or twine so they sit in triangles over the ribbon xxx

Tabbyroo said...

I know what you mean, I've hoarded some things for years always intending to make use. I did make some bunting from doilies last year, it was hard at first cutting them up, but it proved really successful and I,ve used it often, at fairs and parties. Linda x


First time I've read your blog. The pretty hankies would make nice pockets for aprons. As for the badges, put them on Ebay as there are many Guiders and Leaders that would love to buy them. I'm a Girl Guider myself and would love those Brown Fly-Up Wings.