Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hampton Court Flower Show and a bit more

Not much time to post these days but thought you gardeners out there may like to see a few pics from Hampton Court Flower Show.
Walking talking flower pot man

can you see me taking the pic? there are lots of mirrors

!st World War Memories
It was so hot it made it difficult to take decent pictures but I hope this gives you all a glimpse of the show. I have been lucky enough to have been for the past 4 years not sure if this was as good as some of the others.
Made a small purchase as you do :)
see below in place in my rather wild and weedy garden
I'll throw in a few of my veges for good measure
 If you are still here Thank You
My hubby is having a major op tomorrow if you would keep him in your thoughts I would be so grateful
Bye for now
Cate x

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