Friday, 26 March 2010

Am I dim

Can you help please ? I have spent much of my precious day off trying to fathom my way around blogland.
I  seem to have trouble posting comments on some  blogs and feeling totaly out of my depth on others,
did anyone else out there feel like this when they first stated out ?
To everyone I have visited today Thanks you made me smile :)


Tilly Rose said...

Hi hun...thanks for your liitle note!
I've had a fab day out thanks! Will post over the weekend sometime.
it took me absolutely ages to get my head round blogging!!! I felt completely dumb for ages!!!
Stick with it hun and just experimaent with everything
Karen x x x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Bless you, no way are you dim!! It's just that this is all new to you.
To post a comment, make sure you've signed in first with you e-mail address & password. Go on to the blog you wish to comment on. At the bottom of the blog, or at the bottom of the comments, just click on 'Post a comment', and enter the comment there, then press 'Post comment'.
Have a lovely weekend, and I hope the sun shines for us all!!

Sharon xx