Monday, 29 March 2010

Come for a stroll

 As this is my first lot of photo's I thought I would take you on a walk I do with our mad Saluki
  so get your wellies on and lets go

My husband made 
the toadstool for me

Down the lane and off to the fields

Its very flat here you can see for miles

 A little bit of the wood, I thought this next tree looked so pretty the lichen was bright yellow

                                                          up the steps on to the sea wall
Hope your not tired ?
                                                              lots of boats out today
                                     The building at the end is the local pub which overlooks the bay

                    down the steps and back to the fields where I saw this lovely patch of wild violets

                                                               Nearly home now
                      In the garden gate
This is my twisted willow not a very good pic I'm afraid click on to see better

I hope you enjoyed the stroll as much as I enjoyed taking the pics for you
 as you can see mad Saluki now needs a long lie down

I take my hat off to everyone out there who does this everyday its taken me ages but I really enjoyed it.

  for taking the  time to visit
  Cate x


Tilly Rose said...

Hi are one very lucky girl hun! I would love to do that stroll everyday!...and I haven't even got a dog!!
Lovely post x x x
Karen x x x

Jille said...

What a lovely walk. Thank you for sharing.
Jille x

vintage mum said...

Thank You I really did need my wellies today :)