Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Didn't we have a lovely time

The day we went to the castle.
we had a soggy morning but we still enjoyed it.
I love the pandas it must takes ages to do.

This is inside the castle not very easy to see, lots of things to try on and have a go at
.We did an Eye Spy trail.

 What about these shoes?, you can just see the over shoes  which were blocks of wood with leather straps across, these kept their shoes clear of the mud and dirt, most had a much thicker sole than these.

The first chemist ?
Attached to the wall outside is a bag of smelly things to try.
Lavender for headaches, cinnamon for coughs and colds, clove for toothache not much has changed really.

The small opening on the right is where all the waste from the toilet came out,
and straight into the moat.
As a Rainbow Guide Leader I had to take this pic, its a shame I can't post any of the others as they are all of the children from school. We had a guided tour with a real knight all dressed up in his armour :) he had them all marching around and storming the castle.
Friday we are having a re-enactment day with a feast and dressing up. I haven't a clue what to dress in, I have even thought of going as the castle ghost (thats how desperate I am) so if you have any easy ideas please let me know its the 14th century not very exciting.
Hope all your veges are enjoying  the rain
bye for now Cate xx


baysiderose said...

What great photos, especially love the pandas - they are simply gorgeous and as for those shoes !! Looks like a lovely day and thanks for sharing.

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, thanks for visiting my little blog. I just love those pandas!

We are planning to visit the UK Sep '11..can't wait! I am sure I will find plenty of lovely places to visit through your lovely blog.. I will definitely be spending some time here and will add you to my blog list,

Thanks, Tamara