Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hampton Court

 I'm really looking forward to Saturday, the flower show is such a good day out, my friend and I have been going to it for a few years now.We take lunch with us so we don't have to stand around waiting and wasting time.
We usually manage a few samples along the way, funny how a tiny glass of wine goes straight to your head before lunch :)

The country Living marquee is always packed with people and lovely things to buy,and for some reason we always end up trying on hats, those lovely big ones that look like sofa fabric but  at £45 thats all we do, look.

You have to cross a pontoon to get to the marquees the next few pics are from google.


      Just a few pics for now
  I am hoping to borrow a camera for saturday as mine has well and truly had it : (

 Here's hoping for good weather.
I'm off to bed now as I have an exam tomorrow one of the reasons I'm doing this, a bit of distraction : )

bye for now enjoy the rest of the week everyone I have enjoyed reading your blogs.
Cate x



baysiderose said...

Hi Cate, I want to go! It sounds fantastic and I hope you have a camera to take with you. Enjoy and sounds like you will make the most of it!
Pam xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Sounds lovely. Enjoy!

Jacquie said...

Hi Cate,
Thanks for your comments,just been catching up with your blog.
Your early morning walk lloked lovely,so nice to be near water.
Hope the exam went OK .Have a great time on Saturday.
Jacquie x

Elizabeth said...

Oh what fun! Looks a fabulous! Hope you have lots of fun and you get that camera! I would love to see some pics!
P.S. sorry your camera took a dump :[

I_Made_This said...

Hi Cate.You know how jelous I am.Wishing i was in UK so I could join you.Say hi to your friend frome us here,and I am sure you will post some lovely photos when you next blog on Barbara xxx