Saturday, 22 January 2011

I'm a little teapot

Well not so little, this set was a Christmas pressy given to me over a few days I only had one cup so it was a lovely suprise.
Sugar bowl and cream jug
The lady has a bow on the handle
The Gent has a bow tie 
This week I received the last cup which is a limited edition, signed by the designer Helen Hunt for Los Angeles Youth Network. I didn't know when I first started to look for these how collectable they can be.

This one is the original she has silver pearls and lips the signiture is on the back.The other cups have yum written inside this one is plain.
I still find it strange that Baileys used a teaset to advertise there irish ceam drink, but I'm glad they did I love them. I now need to find somewhere to display them but thats another story  :)

I'm hoping to go to a jumble sale tomorrow the first I have seen here for ages, I hope I'm not dissapointed.
Have a good weekend wherever you are (its freezing here I'm tucked up in bed with my trusty hot water bottle ) bye for now

Cate x
 Many thanks for your kind thoughts on my last post.



A Treasured Past said...

Hiya, love the little tea set, what a wonderful Chrissy present. I have never seen them here.

Good luck with the treasure hunt tomorrow, hope you find something wonderful.

Isn't it crazy, its got here today, nearly 30 deg c. Carls just finished cutting the grass, which normally we don't have to do much in summer because it is usually dead and brown. This year with all the rain it is still green.

Hope you warm up soon, Tam

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a lovely set, not suprised you were so delighted. Have fun at the jumble sale - hope you find lots of treasure!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate,
Love the little tea set collection!I'm kicking myself right now cause not two long ago I passed two of those cute cups up at a rummage sale! Darn!
Thanks for your very sweet comment!

Annie said...

Hi Cate, I also have the girl Bailey's cup and also a pair of original boy and girl cups. I bought them some years ago from America on ebay although they were described as English. They look 1930s but aren't marked. The bow and bow tie are an orange colour, I think Baileys must have copied the design but have never managed to find much out about them.
Ann x