Saturday, 5 February 2011

parcel post

Yesterday I had a lovely suprise parcel from Dawn @ Life on the East Coast , a while ago I won second prize in her giveaway sadly my parcel didn't arrive but being a true blogger she has kindly sent me another one 

Having cracked a couple ribs last weekend the soothing bath bomb was very welcome, there was also buttons and  new pins just what I needed. Many Thanks Dawn

Cate x


A Treasured Past said...

Ouch!! Hope you are feeling better, Tamara

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! I sure hope you are feeling better that is so painful! Lovely
Take care!

VintageVicki said...

Ouch @ the ribs and :) for the replacement parcel arriving at the right time xx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Hope your ribs are on the road to recovery; take it easy with a cuppa and have a read of your 'Needlewoman' magazine - a lovely parcel of goodies.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

How lovely of her to send you a replacement! Royal Mail are a pain in the ass! You certainly received lots of lovely things - hope the bath bomb did the trick! xx

sylviesgarden said...

Such a lovely package. I hope you are on the mend.