Monday, 1 August 2011

Ladybird Ladybird

Hi everyone hope your all enjoying the lovely weather, I have 5 more weeks of the school holidays left, not that I'm counting :)

Yesterday I started a work on the path surrounding my old summer house, it was bulit in the 1930's and still desperately needs a renovation, if you want to see what it's like there are some pics in the archives just a mess really, at lunchtime there was suddenly an influx of these sweet little creatures or so I thought.
if you've never been bitten by one the first time can be a bit of a suprise. It was like the annual outing of the Ladybird Club they were everywhere and I had to come inside, I can remember a few years ago we had swarms of them, people were having to sweep them up there were so many, there are some pictures on Google.There is a link below if anyone is interested

We had a gas barbecue given to us last week by a friend which was very kind, well this thing is huge and we all stood looking at it and then promtly covered it up, it looks like you should have a license to use it and to be honest were not sure how to drive it yet, so if anyone knows of any good vege recipes or web sites for a gas barbecue I'm all ears,
I'm off now to get some L plates.

Have a lovely week wherever you are
Cate xx


A Treasured Past said...

Never knew that a ladybeetle could bite! That's insane.

Have fun with the bbq.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I did not know they could bit either! I have just come home and we have loads of them at the front of the house!

Elizabeth said...

Here the are mostly called lady bugs. I have to say I like lady birds. Wow sounds like you have lots.
The only veggie recipe i have would be grilled veggies like zuccini,squash,red onions, cut in slices, a little olive oil salt & pepper. grill, yummo!