Friday, 26 August 2011

Whats the time Mr Wolf ?

We had a walk today in a short spell of dry weather, on the edge of the wood these lovely orange berries were growing, I wasen't in much of a doing mood so here are a few lovely flowers to cheer up what has been a miserable wet day, did anyone else get caught in yesterdays downpour ? I'll say no more except I think I'm growing web feet :) like my friend

 These are the biggest one-o-clocks (what do you call them ? ) that I have ever seen.
The story goes that you have to blow off the seeds, one blow is 1-o-clock when there are no more seeds left that is the time, this was taken a couple of weeks ago the flowers are just like Dandelions only taller.

Flowers in my garden

Poor Zara and her best friend Mog are so fed up with the rain, they hate to get wet, they have taken to their bed untill there is a more clement forecast.
I think I might dust off the paintbrushes and do some decorating, unless of course the sun comes out. 
Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend 
Cate x


Bayside Rose said...

Pretty stunning photos there Cate. Love all of your flowers. Hoping all is well. Pam x

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous flowers, I love the oyster plant, ours will be out soon too. The berries do look pretty. Hope the weather improves, especially when we are there, hehe.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the lovely garden tour! Such pretty pics! Love that first one of the red berries!