Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This little piggy

We went for a walk the other day, one side of the path is the beach and water and the other is marsh and farmland. What a suprise we got, one of the locals had penned off a large area of field, at first we couldn't see anything, all of a sudden out of a muddy ditch came this little fellow he was so friendly I wanted to to take him home. Before we knew what was happening we had a crowd.
We felt so guilty because we had nothing for them to eat. They didn't seem at all bothered by our dog but I think she was in a bit of shock as she just stood and stared at them.I did have to wash my coat when I got home as they had brushed up and down my sleeves with smelly mud.

I have just started a new course for work and sent off my first assignment today, yippee I thought,
only x more months to go

Before I go I have to say WELL DONE to my son for passing his driving test today

It seems like only yesterday
Love you lots

Hope you all have a good week bye for now Cate x


A Treasured Past said...

Oh so cute Cate. May years ago when we were young, on the way to my aunts we visited a pig farm. There was the tiniest pink pig, the runt of the litter and we desperately wanted to take him home. The farmer said he probably would last a day..oh so sad. Dad said we couldn't but considering how big they get, it was probably a wise choice.

Good luck with the course, and pass on our congratulations to the new driver.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh that made me smile what gorgeous pigs ;-)) I love them they do make you smile. Congratulations to your son bless him. Enjoy your week, dee x

Hesta Nesta said...

Those little pigs looks so sweet. Congratulations to your son for passing his driving test, I bet he is thrilled. I didn't pass mine until I was 30 and wondered how I had managed so many years without driving! Have a great week.
Jo xx

Amanda said...

Too cute. best day of my life passing my test so well done to your son.

Anonymous said...

Such cute little piggy faces!

Jille said...

Thanks for dropping by! Well done to your son,you'll never have your car now! My daughter passed her test a month ago. I do worry when she goes out. The handsome chap is Albert. I took my class on a trip to a local farm and smuggled him home on the bus so that our head didn't see!
I love pigs too! I haven't posted any pictures of them yet but we had 6 pigs last year. We are about to get some more too - such characters.
Jille xxx

cindy said...

Oh my! What a suprise that would be to see a pig and her babies. I’ve always heard that pigs are mean.
Guess you have found one in a good mood!

I like your blog. I’m a follower.