Friday, 27 January 2012

A Vintage Lady

I have an hour to kill every day for the next few weeks and there just happens to be a C.S. nearby  :)  I picked up this cushion cover last week, the cover itself isn't very good but I love the lady.The stitches are very woolie looking, I'm hoping it will be ok when I wash it.
I also bought a big bag of rug making things, Readicut was big for many years. I'm not sure I will ever have a go at it so this might end up on 

E bay, it was worth buying just for the booklet and original  receipt.

I remember my Mum making one of these when I was very young, the bits of fluff went everywhere and the canvas was very heavy and hot to hold. Does anyone know what you use to back a rag rug ? I thought that might be fun to make.
I have been given some more buttons to add to my hoard, but I will post those next week.
Have a lovely Weekend
Cate x


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Its amazing to find these vintage kits in such good condition ..... I've never tried rug making and don't think I have enough strength in my wrists these days. Wonder what other treasures you will find while killing time. Have a lovely weekend x

KC'sCourt! said...

My mum used to make rag rugs and wool rugs, she never backed either.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Vintage from the Village said...

I remember my Dad making those rugs. They last for years and years dont they!
Sue x

delia hornbook said...

My mum has a made a few rag rugs she never backed hers they just sit nicely in front on the fire ;-) That little lady is so sweet. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Petals and Vintage said...

Your lady is just beautiful xx

moonstruckcreations said...

Amazing finds. I remember making a readicut rug in the 70s when I was about 13 - our neighbour bought the kit but couldnt be bothered with it so sent it on to me - then she had the rug when it was finished!

I loved doing it - I wonder if you can still get the kits?


Anonymous said...

lovely old finds,love the little lady hope she washes up good? lots of love,xxx

lavender attic said...

Hi Cate
Just found your lovely blog via blog-hopping! Strangely, I posted about Crinoline ladies the other day too! - see my blog
Will visit again soon x