Thursday, 17 April 2014

What shall we call our fox?

I nearly forgot April.

Isn't this a lovely picture we used to have lots of thrushes in the garden.

      Lots of these in the garden, very shy creatures, but can give a nasty bite.

We have a resident fox in our garden, he's a bit on the cheeky side and not really bothered too much by anything, our Saluki doesen't know what to make of it, the first time she jumped in the air with all four feet of the ground and made a strange bark, this afternoon we both stood and stared. Fantastic Mr/Mrs Fox looked us up and down and strolled around the garden ( we have lots of hidey holes) and then went off down the lane, what is strange it.s always late afternoon and early evening the daylight doesent seem to bother him.
This was a quick pic I took from the kitchen.
                      Hope you all have a Lovely Easter weekend wherever you are
Bye for now Cate x


KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Easter
Jule xxxxxxx

Maria said...

Ooh my. i just stumbled on your pretty corner and of course Mr Foxy
gentleman..I couldn't resist a word or two ..I remembered a fox I befriended, when small many moons ago..I named her Kooba...She was a beautiful vixen..It a long story..But it's where my love affair began with foxes..I wonder has she visited recently?
Hugs Maria x