Sunday, 13 June 2010



 The Girl with the Pearl Earing. I really enjoyed this film the atmosphere
and scenery were stunning.

Pearls are one of my favourite jewels I have pink, grey,white, green and cream ,

and some very special vintage ones.

This is just a quick tip for anyone out there who is lucky enough to own real pearls.

To Clean Vintage Pearls

Submerge your pearls in a small tin of powered magnesia, leave overnight and gently brush off the powder in the morning.

Elizabeth at My Tattered Rose has contributed a June craft idea for all to share, pop over and see her pretty blog she has some lovely ideas.   

Would you like to share something?
Bye for now 
Cate x

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Elizabeth said...

Pretty pearls! I don't have any but if I did those vintage pearls would be it! :] Great tip!