Friday, 11 June 2010

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

 What a week, I managed to get my homework done by the skin of my teeth.

I have been rediagnosed with the original illness my G.P. thought I may have about a year ago, in fact I've probably had it for years  my first  G.P. gave up on me. I have been taking high doses of steroids this week (as a guinea pig) and they have made me feel so much better, on a good day I have lots of energy.(funny side effect though see below) This illness it seems is rather rare its called becets if anyones heard of it I would love to hear from you.

I also dropped the camera last night, not on the lawn but the path, looks like its unuseable, now I know why they have little cords to hang on too or to put around your neck.

Maybe I should get this one next.

 I came out of work and had left my lights on all day, da da no battery, anyone know where I can get one of these : )

 Daughter has just decided to bake and guess what we have no eggs, now when we had ducks we always had a couple of eggs around the place, if she gets a move on she can catch the local shop down the road and we may still get something yummy for after tea, as long as it has lots of calories  I don't mind.

I did have a small slice of coffee cake today, at school we all bring in cakes for  birthdays, in fact for anything, it's so tempting and I can't resist coffee cake I think I might make one this weekend, I always seem to end up making what everyone else likes, does anyone else do that ?

D is rather partial to apple pie with custard, I think this is a bit of a winter dish, something to stick to your ribs and keep you warm, but I suppose it could be cold with ice cream, looks like I'll have to use the apples after all.

 I think we may do a bit of retail therapy tomorrow, hopefully whilst everyone else is watching the footy, knowing my luck the match will be at teatime.:)

I feel the need for a couple of nice magazines maybe 
Country Living. I could get lost in here for hours.Or maybe I should just re-read the ones I have next to the bed.We have a stall on one of the  markets we go to where you can buy  remaindered mags  3 for £1:60p sometimes they are still in date, this is why I.have so many.
I have been looking for theAmercan thrift mags but have had no joy.

Before I go I had a couple of  belated Birthday presents

Thanks Barbara for the pink bag it's a bit like this but nicer.
and Thanks Suzanne for the sweets etc.

  Well I hope I haven't bored you to tears it's been such a  strange week I really needed a place to waffle a bit SO if your still with me THANK YOU for your time and for listening. Normal service will  resume next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Cate x                                 


WoodbankCrafts said...

You waffle away Cate! It seems it was one of those kind of weeks. Love the camera though :). Have a good weekend x

Tilly Rose said...

Hi Cate
You waffle away hunny....that's waht we are here big ((hugs))!!

Enjoy your weekend...
Karen x x x

Jacquie said...

Hi Cate ,thankyou for your frequent comments on my blog. I really appriecate them.
I love Country Living too.It's so expensive I rarely buy it but my mum has just bought me a subscription for my birthday-Yay.
About the yarn issue,I'm using all double knitting,But as it's different makes the thickness does seem to vary a bit .I haven't had a problem with this .I wouldn't mix acrylic yarn with wool as It may wash differently.
Hope this helps
Jacquie x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate,
Sorry to hear about your illness.
Glad to hear the medicine has helped! I've not heard of that :[
A cake does sound yummy! I'm with you cake and coffee, mmmm! I love country living too! I usaully try to get it once a month here! When I go to the book store I always peek at the British edition. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Hi again Cate,
I just wanted to tell you I posted
a tip for June and put a link to your blog :]. How about a fun little project for the month
of June!

cumquats said...

Sometimes life seems like a comedy of errors. I hope your week improves! I think a yummy after dinner treat is definitely in order. Sorry to hear about your unusual illness. Kim :)