Sunday, 27 June 2010

An early walk

5:30am saw Zara and I on the beach for an early walk before it got too hot.I like this time of the morning when there is no one about just the sea and the birds.
You can just see a lone yacht in the distance. 

On the right is a small nature reserve island which you can walk over to at low tide once a year.

                                                              Do you fancy a paddle ?

                                                                Time to go home

                                                                    An early bird

I had a good time at the Sat boot fair and got a few things, a large tin bowl to put plants in and yet more plates :) when I get a chance I will post them, untill then I hope you all have a good week.
bye for now
Cate x


Annie said...

Sounds like a perfect morning, Zara is gorgeous, what a lucky dog getting to walk by the sea. Hopefully I might get my dog Josh to the seaside one day. Sounds like you did well at the car boot.
Ann x

WoodbankCrafts said...

I too like the peace and quiet of the early morning, the best time of the day x

Cloudy said...
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