Sunday, 26 September 2010

You know its Autumn

                                         When someone won't get up

I have had a busy week at school we had two art days which were fantastic I will post some pics next week
Thursday I had to give in to the pain in my hip and limped to the docs for a steroid injection. I am a bit dissapointed as it doesen't seem to have worked, has anyone else found this or does it take longer ?

Im thinking of having a go at making some of these
                                 After watching on of my favourite cookery shows this morning


          I would have put a link but I'm still no good at it, I always end up with lots of strange letters and things, I'm sure it will be easy to get on to if your interested,  she makes such lovely receipes.
Have a good Sunday everyone bye for now
Cate x


baysiderose said...

I will just pop over and do the link thing for you Cate. Please put the kettle on :) :) Hope your hips gets better soon.

Pam xx

A Treasured Past said...

Sorry to hear that your hip is giving you trouble :( I love Rachel Allen Bake, I also like the Sophie Dahl cooking show, its just started here. The meringues look gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon. Tamara x

delia hornbook said...

Hi, bless him best place on a cold day snuggled up. Im sorry to hear you have painful hips. I have them also but i was born with my hip out of place which went un noticed until i was 18 months old. I was then put into plaster. Over the years i have suffered greatly where it got to the point that i couldn't do a lot of things. In 2000 i was referred to a specialst in Bristol and i met a fab surgeon i had more xrays and it appeared that my hip was sitting out of joint again. I had 2 steriod injections the first 1 worked, i then had major surgery (6 hour opp) where he cut and re a ligned my pelvis and then pinned my hip bone back into the correct position. The recovery was long i was in a wheelchair for 6 months and had intense hydro thearpy in water. After the results were amazing and i could work up the stairs and do loads that i couldn't before. I then started having a lot of pain in my other hip and had the same opp a few years later. Im 39 now and both times they have worked. I get a real painful back now and my joints flare up in the winter months. But i can manage with that. I think sometimes the steriod injections work other times they don't its just sadly one of those things. I hope that you find some relief soon, as i understand how it makes you feel. Hugs Dee x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

All of my work clothes are covered in paint!!! But I love it. x
Sorry your hip is bad, how very dare it. So whilst someone helps with the links, and another with the hip, I shall come round and eat those fabby cakes for you...yum!
Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh, I love Rachel too, got one of her books from the library this week, all about cooking for kids, we have no kids but the recipes are really good!

Cloudy said...

The only unsual thing about Zara being in bed like that at this time of year, is her feet arn't on the radiator in this photo :) xx