Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happy Half Term

 There are lots of things to get done, but first we need a little more
  Sunshine to make everyone smile.

                                                       I have lots of plants in the wrong place in my garden, I think there normally called weeds, this is one of
                the offenders mares tail, if anyone knows how to get rid of it I would be sooooo grateful it's spreading  fast.

The other one's I don't mind so much are dandylions, at least they have some colour.

Lots of veg to plant

Maybe a little bit of baking, I don't seem to get much time now but the sense of satisfaction when you make your own is so good. I have collected lots of old cookery books over the years maybe I should plough my way through them all.

                   Thought this looked nice sorry you can't read the small print


           A lovely sunny cake


  Maybe I should do some much needed housework
                      but where to start.

   Or I could sit down and read the paper

 And eat lots of sweets do you remember these               

Which is your favourite ?                                           
  Sweet and crunchy          

Dark and sticky      

Lasted for ages                                      

                                    Always made you cough                          

Or maybe these lovely chocolates, I was given a box of these last
 week for my Birthday I didn't think they still made them.

 Well thats my Bank Holiday sorted what about you

 Wherever you are or whatever your doing I hope    you have a good time and the      
rain keeps off, have a lovely half term.

                                                                        Bye for now Cate x



Anonymous said...

Lovely images - let's keep our fingers crossed for better weather!xx

I_Made_This said...

Hi Cate, sorry we missed you last night. you are really getting very good with the blogging. we had a lovely cool sunny day here. Mal prunned a big tree in the back garden and I baked some banana and honey muffins.I will post a blog in a moment so watch this space
love B :-)

I_Made_This said...

yes i did spot the mistakes but mine is no better. thank goodness for spelll check is what I say
B :-)

Jille said...

I'm feeling hungry now I've seen your post. Have a lovely half term.
Jille x

Anonymous said...

Hi - I loved your UJ box. You were very naughty teasing me with it!xx