Monday, 24 May 2010

Guess what I found

I just had to get this I'm not normally one for U J stuff but this made me smile and I thought of all the collecters out there, I was on my way out of Tesco this evening and it was on the side with all the other boxes to take, I am going to use it in the greenhouse.

I did buy some Tea Towels too nice to use though.

Last week I had a great find in the cs, a couple brought in 3 boxes of china whilst I was there. I asked the lady who runs it if I could have a look before she took it in the storeroom, she was so nice she even lent me a box to carry my treasure  home in.

          Just a little peep

         A little more ?
      I am so pleased with all this

there are a couple of full sets of plates but most are odd but I don't mind I like the thought of taking care of them.

The flower pattern on this is raised                 
I have a few bits of blue and white so these will go well together.

  I really must have a sort out and sell on some of the things I've had a long time otherwise I'll be banned from going out on my own :) allthough
D can't ever complain as he has books and comics all over the place and there nowhere near as nice as my stuff.   

I hope you have all had a good weekend here in the u k  we have had SUN so nice.

    Some of us just can't be bothered

                                                          She does get up occasionally : )
                                                                   Bye for now Cate x                              

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