Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thinking Happy Thoughts and Nice People

Well I'm trying, Ive not had the best few weeks, the pain is starting to ebb and I'm hoping the sunshine will do it's bit.

One thing really nice that happened recently was when D went to collect my sewing machine. He works a lot at night and had to go out early, so we had an early Dinner and off he went, I didn't know about the machine then, (he's so lovely) The house he went to  was a large Victorian  place divided into flats. When he eventually got the right one he was asked in by a middle aged Indian man, the rest of the family were seated around the dinner table,  feeling a little uncomfortable D appologised hoping the machine would arrive so he could go.Well what happened next he still can't forget the man asked him to sit with them at the table, he then put a plate in front of him, D said " No Thank You I have to go to work" the man said " It is written you were meant to be here and share our food" well how could he refuse the daughter gave him a plate of curry and a spicy drink, D loves anything food wise and really enjoyed it, even on top of his first dinner  : )

 He stayed for longer than he should and had a lovely chat with this man, in India he was a professor and spoke many languages, D found him so interesting, his hospitality was, well what can I say, these people are the true advocates of their religion not the extremists its such a shame we only see the latter.
Well the sun is out, the house is a mess, the lawn needs  
                                                      a cut, so lets flip a coin and see which wins. I wish  I could wiggle my nose like the bewitched lady and everything would be done I can't get motiveated just lately, sorry if  I seem a bit of a misery, I will try and get back on track. Thank You for listening to my prattling on

Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone

Cate x


Deborah said...

Hi Cate
Hope you are on the up and not in too much pain, the "thinking happy thoughts" and hopefully the sunshine may make a difference to your mood.
Enjoy your weekend
My best wishes to you
Deborah {fondantkiss}

Tilly Rose said...

Huge hugs hunny x x x

Hope you have sunnier days ahead...

WoodbankCrafts said...

Hi thanks for the pointer on the sewing machine, i think there are just too many out there. I guess one of many would do! Have a good weekend. Nic x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate,
Neat about your husband.Thankyou for visiting my blog! To answer your question about kettle corn, it is popcorn and they pop it in a large kettle outside. It is a bit salty and a bit sweet. It's very yummy! I do hope you have a much better week :]

I_Made_This said...

Hi Cate,
Sorry to hear you have not been too well this week. wish i could send you some of our gorgeous weather. cold in the morning but no clouds and warm sun. getting into autimn now with drizzle promised for the weekend, but it will save us having to water the pot plants.
catch up soon on the phone
barbara :-) x.x.x.x.x.

cumquats said...

There's nothing like the sunshine in spring to make you feel the world is a wonderful place. And such warm unexpected hospitality proves it is. :) Kim