Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've finished reading

It's now my turn to pass on The christmas cookie club book
I wasen't sure when I first started reading it if I was going to like it but I was pleasently suprised. The story is intermingled with little snippets of information and recipes.
The book originated from Jillie@lovetocraft  I won the first leg so it has a long way to go yet, it will be interesting to watch its travels.

I have collected all of the original bloggers who wanted to be entered and the ones from my blog put them together and 

The Winner is   Nicola @ woodbankcrafts  if you e mail me your address I will post it on to you, I hope you enjoy reading it.

 sorry there are no pics  

Bye for now Cate x

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carol at home said...

Sounds intersting I'll have to look out for this one at the library