Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring Thoughts

Just a quick hello to you all I've been off work this week with the flu, so no blogging, washing,shopping etc but dinners were made and dishes washed what more could I ask for, I now need a week off to get up to speed with everything.

The sun has been shining here today so I had a wander in the garden, it was lovely and warm in the greenhouse time to sow a few seeds I think, I was given a set of wooden seed trays for Christmas time to put them to good use.
Maybe a few Lupins have you ever seen so many ? I love the old fashioned purple but can't seem to find them anymore.
I also want to make a start on my bug hotel so many bugs seem to be on the decline I think it's time to give something back, I'm not very good at composting although I do try, and I always have a pile of logs for things to hide in. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend doing what you enjoy

Before I go I feel I must mention Japan I don't know anyone out there but I'm sure if the tables were reversed I would like to think people were thinking of me.

Cate x


WoodbankCrafts said...

A bug hotel sounds interesting! Not heard of one of those before.

My thoughts are with Japan too, there's been some terrible footage on the news. N x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, Lovely lupins aren't they. Every year when I plant ours they are always eaten to the bone, our snails love them. I haven't had one flower yet!

I hope you didn't have the flu when you were on your school break, or was that the week before? I just can't keep up with the weeks. I'm all over the place at the moment.

Our thoughts are with Japan too and NZ...terrible news. T

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate,
No fun being sick! So glad your on the mend! I think working in the garden would help for a speedy recovery!
Thanks for your caring thoughts!
Very tragic and sad news about Japan we will be keeping them in our prayers!
Have a lovely day!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Hope you're feeling better now - you're getting rid of a bug, but putting up a bug hotel!! Awful re Japan - you can't imagine what it's like, can you? Abby

Lady Cherry said...

Hope you get back to full strength soon :) x

carol at home said...

I've been thinking about a bug hotel as well, i'ts a great projectisn't it? Lupins sound wonderful, my Mother loved them, sadly the snails eat ours!
Hope you're soon feeling better.
So many natural diasters at the moment causing so much suffering.

Prutha said...

i cannot even wait for spring anymore!!

sylviesgarden said...

Hi Cate, I hope you are feeling much better.
I love Lupins too but have never managed to grow them.
The images coming out of Japan are truly unbelievable.

Fancy Vintage said...

Hi there, have just discovered your lovely blog, am now following, I used to go to a school called Lupin Hill in America, love those flowers. Sorry you have not been well, hope you feel better soon. Lots of sweet cups of tea now!

Susy said...

Hello dear,
I want to spring too!
Here in Italy continues to rain and
it's cold ... grrrrr! I'm tired of this time.
In April, I come to England, I will be able to
warm clothes?
A hug