Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Mate 2

I found this book in the 99p store a bargain as it's a huge heavy thing retailing at £17 I have tried to link to a previous post I did but can only seem to do it this way even after all these months I'm still bumbling around blogger :)      (Thanks Karen)
hope you enjoy the pics if not Marmite.

I think these would make great posters I love the little halos on the lids. I can't find an artists name which is a shame I suppose if I go on Google I could find it .

And now I must go and do something useful it's cold and miserable here so no gardening maybe a bit of baking to get warm :)
Hope your all having a good weekend

Bye for now Cate x,


Susy said...

Hello dear,
I wanted to thank you for the information,
you are very kind and very
a hug

delia hornbook said...

You either love it or hate my house we love it ;-)) Marmite and avocado for me its delicious ;-)) Great pictures they would indeed make smashing posters, have a lovely week, dee x

Tabbyroo said...

They would make great posters , very retro Linda xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Oooh I love marmite! Fab pictures!

Riviera Brides said...

Hello there, new follower here. Love this post + your blog. Do hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon

Anonymous said...

Interesting book. I agree would make great posters or framed pictures.

Shirl x

mangocheeks said...

What an excellent find.

I like Marmite, but not too much of it.

Does it have any recipes?