Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I had to take a pic of this tomatoe it looks like one big one tied in the middle.
I'm still trying to cling onto the last of the Summer, I don't mind Autumn  as such, it's the dark nights creeping in I object to, anyway a few pics from last week.

This is one of my survivers we have a border in the back garden  which I try not to water it's a case of do or die. We are not too far from Beth Chetto's wonderful gardens, if you don't know of her it's worth a read on the net, she is an authority on no water gardening, we have the least rain fall in the country

Who lives in a house like this ?

We have to protect our greenhouse every year from these alians.

Berries for the birds

This poor bee was being being attacked by the ladybird I had to rescue it

Taking this I bent  down lost
balance and ended up lay on my back :)  notice how Zara runs to my rescue

Well that's all for now  it's pouring down here after my saying we don't have much rain :) serves me right. speak to you all soon have a good week
Cate xx


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. Like you, I don't like the fact that the nights are drawing in. Boo hoo.

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh, dark nights again, i've just been out to bring the bin in and the sun is going down swiftly, going to take Tobydog out before it's gone altogether, the nights are getting colder too!

delia hornbook said...

I love the tomotoes looks like there clinging together to get warm ;-) I to don't like the dark nights im a summer girl. But your picture of the berrys reminds me of winter warmth snuggled up with the old blankets and drinking hot chocolate and Christmas....O my goodness its just round the corner ;-))

baysiderose said...

Hi Cate, Lovely photos. I can't wait for summer this year as I missed out on most of it last year and the beginning of this year as I was in the UK winter. Dark at 4pm, cold and wet...but I loved it.
HeHe what we do in order to capture a great snap!
Have a great night/day...

Cornflake said...

Oh England, England, England. I miss it so and all it's glorious countryside. Great pictures! :)

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Cate, lovely pics. So glad your dog came to your rescue! That tomato is so funny! It's been fun to visit your Blog. I'm having a giveaway over at mine that finishes tomorrow if you fancy hopping along. Catherine x

carol at home said...

The ladybird and the bee - how strange, looks like you had a lovely walk apart from your fall that is hope you were unscathed.