Thursday, 2 September 2010

A few treasures

I was rather lucky over the holidays to find a number of things I really liked, on Sat I found this oil lamp it was very dirty and although i like a bit of shabby this looks much nicer after a wash, it is stamped on the bottom made in Austria and only cost me £1:50p

This plate caught my eye on a real junky stall at the boot fair it's unusual as it's made of tin, The romantic in me wondered if it was fom a gypsy caravan :)  the lady selling it thought it would be good for camping of all things, sadly the other one she had was covered in scratches.

I love the colours on these glasses I would like to use them but they are so thin. I remember my Grandmother having something similar when I was young.
I am now trying to find more of the ones on the left, my daughter found some with red roses on which she loves.

The lady I bought these off has a rather fun way of ending the day she always has the same pitch with 2 long tables and a huge floor space, the tables are priced at 3 items for a £1 one table being a bit dearer this is where I bought my lamp from. At the end of the day she shouts constantly " fill a  bag with any items from the floor as much as you can get in for £1" I have done this a couple of times and it can be great fun this week i got a wooden box to decoupage a glass cake stand a couple of small items and these. I only got these because she insisted I had my £1s worth. Can't remember the last time I saw old money on anything
Well thats all for now i will post some more later in the week I don't want to bore you too much  i hope you have all had a good day i found my first day back tiring but it was lovely to see all of the children again.
bye for now
Cate xx


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, oh I love everything you found, especially the tin plate so pretty. You weren't boring me, I could look at 10 thousand pictures :)

It must be nice to work with children, they can be so sweet...

Hope all is well, Tamara x

p.s. Carl bought me a huge bunch of flowers and fixed the leaking tap (aka flood) in the shower and arrived home early from work (the kids and I were down the shops so no one was home for the surprise..he he)

Tabbyroo said...

Bargain finds, very lucky!Ilove the glasses, know what you mean about the glass being thin, we've broken many over the years Linda x

delia hornbook said...

Hi, im so glad i have found your blog i have loved reading it. And your 1950's glasses well what can i say i collect them and use them. I love the frosted ones they can be found in such pretty colours infact i have a cabinet full. And my kids love using them to. ;-))

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Cate!
I have given you a mention and a back link on my blog today. SueXXX

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate,
Love all your neat finds! Glad to hear you had a good day back!
Enjoy the weekend!

Hesta Nesta said...

Fantastic finds, I love the oil lamp and the glasses.
Jo xx

Annie said...

I love the tin pansy plate, it's so unusual, the glass oil lamp is very pretty too . Great finds.
Ann x

KindredSpirit said...

amazing oil lamp - what a bargin!!!!

Cornflake said...

Oh I love your finds. Especially that pansy plate. Somehow I'm strangely drawn to pansies - maybe it's because I'm a child of the 80s and they were really big back then!