Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Can u help ?

                                                                                                    Hi everyone hope your all getting into the swing of school  and the Autumn weather :)
just wondered if anyone can help
I bought this tablecloth last week very cheaply because it has what I think is a rust stain. I know old linen can get these marks a few of my stored pieces have them.
Can anyone tell me how to  get rid of them without causing any damage ? I have done a bit of research on it but would prefer to hear someones first hand knowledge. Thanks

the marks are at the bottom between the roses.

Picked  up this as well it's in a cheap frame but for now it will do, I thought it might look good in the kichen.

I thought this was a fun tin it just makes me smile it's from the 60's

This is an either love it or hate it item D and I both saw it at the same time on the boot fair and loved it, it's very heavy and we think rather old., no one else in the family likes it in fact they thought it  "not very nice"as you can see its leg is holding back the door :)

Thought this worth 50p it's made up of tiny beads I have a feeling U J stuff will disappear the way the world is going so I would like a little momento :)

Last pic I bought these for my daughter as she likes 50's but she didn't want them so I have sold them on E bay. Can't believe I have actually got rid of something.
If your still with me Thanks, this bit of blogging has taken my mind off a somewhat trying week won't bore you with the details
enjoy your week 
bye for now cate x

is it just me who gets big white gaps ? the more I fiddle the worse they get :)


Annie said...

I have managed to get rid of stains by boiling linens in a saucepan with washing powder added, the bubbling seems to lift the stains.
Ann x

CraftySmiles said...

Hi. I am using usually lemon( real lemon) juice squeezed directly on a stain,than stain removing soap ( i use Cath Kidston one-its fab on tough stains)can use washing up liquid natural. wash it like that by hand and than in washing machine on cold or delicate wash with washing powder. I have kids so i have a lot of stains all the time. Usually you put badly stained stuff in bin but since i use all listed above-it works fab-and color dose not fade either.
Hope it helps.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

My tutorial on washing linens might help you.
I hope it can help. It works for me everytime.

WoodbankCrafts said...

Love the old tin and that UJ purse is a fab bargain for 50p :) x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, I have tried the boiling method too that Ann mentioned. It does seem to get the linens very clean, but I have noticed that not every stain will budge.

Great finds! The dog is great, I like the fact that he is cocking his leg ..he he.

Sorry to hear that your week has not been the greatest :( Tamara

delia hornbook said...

Hi, i can't help with the linen im afraid but i had to just say i adore the 50's glasses wish i had seen them on ebay. And the scotty dog so very chic ;-))

OhSoVintage said...

I wash a lot of linens for my website and find that the best thing for the rust marks is something I buy on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RUST-REMOVER-FABRICS-IDEAL-ANTIQUE-LINENS-/330472233645?pt=UK_Antiques_AntiqueTextiles_EH&hash=item4cf1ae1aad). It doesn;t remove all of them but some miraculously disappear with just one drop.
Hope this helps.
I get a lot of gaps on my posts too!