Friday, 6 August 2010


Guess what this is ?

 Any idea ?

I bet you use it

Well it's rape seed I thought it looked so pretty close up. I took this just before they cut it down.

I had a hospital visit today, new meds to take in a couple of weeks after I've read up on them :( and decided if I want to take them, but anythings worth a try :)

 Camping daughter is having a good time, rather jealous as she has been to the Eden Project without me,  I'll get there one day, she said the rain forest was so hot she nearly fainted.

For anyone out of the uk this is in Cornwall.

I think we have rain tomorrow, as it's our local Flower Show, what else would it do, I'm going to try and summon up some energy and do a bit of spring summer cleaning.

Is this moving ? it's supposed to

my vintage swop ( with Tilly Rose) is almost ready to send I have had such fun putting it together my swop partner is Sharon @ Clover Cottage go and have a look at her blog she makes lovely things and has just started suppling a local shop. Sharon was the second person to comment on my blog when I started so it's nice to be teamed up with her.

If your still with me sorry I do prattle on sometimes :) I hope you all have a lovely weekend bye for now
Cate x
ps Thank You Tamara @ A Treasured Past for my award but I can't seem to open the pic :(


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, hope everything is o.k, the hospital visit doesn't sound good. Hope you are feeling o.k.

Wow, the Eden project looks cool, we will add it to the places to visit.

Just right click (if you have a pc) or control click (if you have a mac) on the image on my blog and choose 'save as'. Then you can save it to your desktop etc.

The rape seed picture is great!

Off to get ready to go to the local YMCA garage sale this morning, hopefully I will find something good :)

Bye, Tamara


A Treasured Past said...

p.s. if that doesn't seem to work I can email you the .jpg, :)Tam

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Oh! How lovely to see the vintage post office toy. I had exactly the same one, Christmas 1962. SueXXX

Jacquie said...

We have a lot of rape seed crops around here but I had'nt noticed what it looks like at the moment .Your picture is great.
Hope you are feeling ok
Jacquie x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

will have a look at clover cottage, sounds good xx

The pictures of Eden are amazing x

Annie said...

I wouldn't have recognised that as rape seed, great picture. I use rape seed oil all the time for cooking, it is a lovely yellow colour and good for you, also I have just tried some delicious mayonnaise made fro rape seed oil.
Ann x

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Hello, thanks for calling by my blog! The teapot bangle was from a little local craft market and I only paid about £1.50 for it but sadly have no idea where she got the charms but this similar necklace recently caught my eye on Folksy