Friday, 27 August 2010

Re Cup Cakes

Thanks for all your comments forgot to say I like a bit of nostalgia and Englishness if thats a word, and prefer to still call them what my Mum called them,  the good old Northern term of buns or Fairy Cakes, smaller than a cup cake and much more dainty.
bye for now   Cate :)   x


Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

I think we should start a campaign to "Bring Back Butterfly Cakes". What d'ya think? SueXXX

The Patchwork Heart said...

Here here ... and so say all of us! Fairy cakes live on!!!

WoodbankCrafts said...

They've always been fairy cakes to me :) x

michelle said...

Yay!! Fairy Cakes:)

Fairy Cakes with icing and hundreds and thousands:)

Fairy Cakes with Smarties:)

Fairy Cakes with orange and lemon peel stuck out the top:)

Fairy Cakes with icing and cherry on top:)

Oh yes, we love FAIRY CAKES!!

Thanks for your encouragement, re my little Shop:)

Good luck with yours!!
Michelle x

bekimarie said...

When and who started calling them cup cakes anyway?

I have given up on the vintage swap, just a little annoyed she didn't bother conacting me but hey ho never mind.
Thanks for your lovely offer, why not pop over to mine and join in my pin cushion swap!

B xxx

Elizabeth said...

Only know them as cupcakes,but I love the name Fairy Cakes that's what I'm gonna call them now! I think I need to make some today!
Thanks for your sweet comments!
I've been trying to adjust to routine :]
Thanks for the award! I'm gonna try to paste it!
Your comments always make me smile!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cate its me again.
Ok I hope I got the right award!
I listed it on my sidebar!
Ok you asked for some of my favs at See's. There is not much I won't eat. I always get a piece of Dark Bordeaux, a butterscotch square,and molasses chips and maybe a truffle!
Thanks again!