Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A bit more treasure

I bought this little dog a few weeks ago it seems rather old as it has an unusual padded inside for potpourri. I thought I would use it for a few of my hat pins.
it was in a box on the floor full of dust, poor old thing.

I also bought this candle holder which is great for power cuts we don't have them as much as we used to though.

Also a pair of candle sticks I have a few pressed glass ones but no china, they have tiny pink rosebuds on them, sorry terrible pic.

These should have been on the last post, the one on the right is indian silver, 1st there is a ring, then the v shape fits over the back of your hand  and then there is the bracelet. I haven't a clue if I'll wear it, I have a couple of other bits similar I just love the noise the bells make.
The beads are all different lengths and are pearly.
I suddenly realised I have never got rid of any of my jewelry I still have some from when I was small.
I think I'm a bit of a magpie, how about you ? this is a peek in one of my boxes I must have a sort out.
 I will show you some of my favourites another day if you like.
ps I bought another brooch today :)

 Hope you've all had a good day,
by the time I get organised it will be back to school time :(
bye for now Cate x

1 comment:

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Cate, what fabulous finds, the little dog is adorable!

When we first moved to Bungendore, 9 years ago, we would have a blackout every time there was a storm. We have a better electricity now so it is pretty rare these days too.

What a wonderful jewellery collection you have. I bet your daughter loves to rummage in there? :) Tamara x